SupplAndy - 1st Store Champs/2nd Dutch Invitationals

Kelfecil 1804

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1st place in 16 people Store Champ (brought Railgun instead of Nisei that day as my corp, never again though)

2nd place in 8 people Dutch Invitationals 2016 (top 8 best players in the NL)

4th place in 20 people Christmas tournament.

2nd place in 8 people GNK tournament

4th place in 15 people Store Champ (was top 3 and I was left out of it due to SoS)

Link to Corp Deck - Nisei Division, Gated Garden 2.0

In all of those tournaments, I lost only 2 games due to immense bad luck with agenda flood in first 2-3 turns (with my Nisei) and one game due to Sifr. Runner was the one that cost me the bad spots in all other tournaments except the Invitationals, since I configured it to run better against the meta decks like Hasty CI.

This deck has been an on-going effort of mine to make The Supplier viable in a competitive environment. Apparently it is. People have been non-stop mocking me about my card choices (and it's not the first time, so whatevs) but apparently The Supplier is a great card to have early game if there are 20+ other cards for him to install.

Before you ask me why I am not playing Silhouette, I will simply tell that it is because Criminals just run so much better through Andromeda because of the speed the 9 cards provide as well as the sure draw of certain cards at the start. I do not believe The Supplier to be equally as good in other criminal decks, since you would have to play at least x2 Hostage to make a little bit more viable.

This deck initially run without the two Shards but instead with a Hades Shard and a Turning Wheel which both provided some nice wins. However, seeing how I did not really need them all that much and seeing how I lost from Hasty CI in training, I decided to make some more reliable inclusions, like the two Shards that work nicely against most combo decks. Hades Shard does not work against Hasty CI, so I did not want to spend influence on something that only works against one deck. Everyone Jacksons right away lately anyway.

So a few notes on the things I am running:

  • Events : Standard x3 Account Siphon, since that card is twice as good now with Aaron Marron. x1 Hostage is plenty to be sure I find my Supplier early-game. I've rarely had games where I did not find Supplier fast enough. In the ones that I did not, I just did my thing anyway (it's not like the deck is dead if you don't find him). Employee Strike is a card that I do not like at all, but a very important inclusion to counter pretty much most annoying corp abilities. Gives an easy win against PU and Argus match-ups. Freedom is there to give the one extra point that you would need against most decks that run 2-pointers. I'll be honest with you and say that I wish that was a Notoriety instead, but influence is very tight in this deck.

  • Hardware: x2 Desperado is plenty, I find x3 to be too much. HQ and R&D interface to not have to care about Crisium Grid and for reliable multi-access when I need it. x2 Hopper for fast draw if needed, protection against kill-decks but also +1 link to pass through ICE that has link. I am seriously thinking about going with x3 Hopper since they get installed for 1 credit anyway.

  • Resources: The soul of the deck basically. x2 Scrubber and x1 Security Testing for asset spam decks and for some extra creds here and there. x3 Temujin is an obvious choice. x2 Aaron is plenty to find him, since you can also hostage him if you think he is really needed. x3 Earthrise for the draw, although if you find it later, normal draw is not that bad when you have supplier saving you creds. Same Old Thing for the x1 Inside Job and for Siphon Spam if possible. Daily Casts is awesome, might do more if I find the card space since they basically allow you to install everything for free off Supplier once they are running. (+2 creds from Daily, -2 to install something from Supplier, voila).

  • Programs: I found Paperclip and Corroder to be too tryhardy, so I decided to go with Inti. Only time I ever regret it is when an HB plays Heimdall or Eli, which is 5% of the HBs I've faced thus far. You run datasucker in order to have good value with it and the rest of the programs are pretty standard. Used to run x2 Mongooses (yes that is the right plural form of the word, trust me we have discussed and researched this way more than we should have), but the Femme Fatale is crucial in certain match-ups and situations.

Notes on all of this:

  • I am very happy to say that this deck does really well against asset spam, since you can match their speed quite easily and Andy can mulligan safely for cards she needs.

  • Hasty CI and Railgun are tough if you don't find the right cards early-game, but that does not mean you are helpless. I beat most CIs I've met except for the few I had no tech against whatsoever and drew the combo cards they needed fast.

  • I lost to a Personal Evolution deck with this. You'd expect me to stroll right through, seeing my knowledge and experience on the Jinteki faction, but I have to say that it was the time I realized that playing with the Supplier needs a lot of focus, since you want to be saving clicks to do other important things and not focusing too much on building up.

  • There is little I would change in this deck right now. I am waiting for the Criminal Code Gate breaker that is coming in Terminal Directive to free up x3 Influence by removing Gordian Blade, but I am not sure where that influence will go exactly. I am thinking x1 Notoriety (I am in love with that card) and probably a Turning Wheel and a 2nd Datasucker (which I had to remove in one of the earlier builds of this).

Any comments and feedback are of course welcome as I have actually found some of the comments here to be really useful in the past when I went to deckbuild later! :)

Reason why I keep posting these, even when they don't do as good as they used to (like straight up tournaments wins in a row) is because I know some people enjoy them, so might as well share them for other people that love this playstyle!

(FYI, I will ignore all troll comments.) Thank you for reading! ^^