Smokey Diver (top 8 at BCOM)

Cpt_nice 1581

Riiiiide the tiger

With the release of Deep Dive, I wanted to get back in on some Shaper shenanigans. So I decided to not take Sunny to this event and play Smoke instead. With me having to face 2 CTM in swiss and only dodging Jakuza's with a well timed ID, it goes to show I am horrible at making meta calls.

There were several other shapers, mostly Kabonesa, but I ended up getting the top shaper position. Smoke beat 1 CTM, 1 Outfit and 1 Gagarin and lost to CTM and Build to Last. Unfortunately I didn't get to play runner in the cut.

The star of the show is obviously Deep Dive, the new coming of Christ that is gonna make Shaper top tier again (.... stare). Smoke is really good at breaking ice, so we aren't concerned about being able to afford getting into every server, which makes her excellent for the combo turn. To make sure we can always access 2 cards when needed, we need a fifth click. You should probably not be like me and play 2 Beth, but I do also like Out Of The Ashes for the turn you're going off.

I have gone on record many times about how I don't like Peace in Our Time and I was very happy to use the 3 influence for Deuces instead. This deck needs to be super speedy. With Anicam and 23 events, it also tends to draw a lot of free cards, further helping the set up. As a bonus, it also helps you recuperate after a Azef Protocol fast advance.

Beyond the second Beth, I don't know if I would make many changes. A third Simulchip to keep recurring Imp would be fantastic, but slots are definitely tight. In today's fast meta, maybe HART is not needed, but I Iike having some late game options. Further testing needed.

BCOM was incredible and I am so happy I decided to travel for it. Special thanks to PSK, Pommes, Vesper, Percomis and everyone else who helped make this event a raging success.

4 Apr 2022 Longi

I love seeing Smoke at the top tables. Congrats!

4 Apr 2022 mao

I like the list, I think it's the only way to play Smoke right now. I am wondering if 2 Deep Dive are enough. I would probably add 1 Wheel minus 1 Deuces to add a bit more multiaccess, going to 41 cards with a second Beth.

4 Apr 2022 valerian32

Cool deck! = D

4 Apr 2022 Cpt_nice

@Longi Thanks, so I do I!

@valerian32 Thank you

@mao I have never been a huge fan of TTW in Smoke, because you tend to make more high impact runs then repeated runs, but maybe one is good? Jailbreak seems nice too to play for value and fits nicely into the list

6 Apr 2022 ThePatrician

PIoT feels like a double-edge sword. Smoke really needs that econ burst to set-up. But losing 3-6 clicks to contest is painful. Love the deck.