🧨 Early BOOM Special 🧨

Runaway 166


My silly MAD/BOOM deck that went 1-3 at the 5/20/23 Seattle CO. I totally disrespected shaper because there was none in our meta, but then I got paired against the Vancouver CO champion Solomir/Joe despite being in the middle of the field and wasn't able to rush out the combo while he was between SMCs (his intermediate turn was Diesel, SMC, Misdirection). The other two losses were due to crazy agenda flood, which was pretty disappointing.

The combo

Get 8+ credits and 6+ rezzed/rezzable cards, and if possible some extra ice on centrals and extra credits to rez them. Then, on your penultimate turn, play MAD. On the runner's final turn, they fail to clear at least 2 of the tags; possibly trying to trash BOOM from HQ but running through Wave to help you dilute your hand and also possibly failing to trash the Gaslight that will pull your other BOOM. Then the final turn is just BOOM (possibly click one - trash Citadel, clicks two and three BOOM).

Card choices

  • Asa. The ID helps set up the win condition. I tried this out of NEH and Azmari and NEH always felt like I couldn't get the board state to stick; Azmari has such a small deck there was no space for all the pieces, and I'd always end up with money and no board.
  • Flop, because Asa.


  • Agendas - we need all the slots and don't care about scoring anything. SAM helps us get cards faceup and Ikawah is defensive.
  • Gaslight, Spinny, and Rashida draw combo pieces.
  • Marilyns have a chance of staying on the table and are always credit neutral or better.
  • Jinja builds your board state up. Get the ice stacked up.
  • Tranq can make you money, but it's usually just another card that can be face up. N.B. Pay attention about where you put this and Jinja - you don't want a game loss from having two regions in the same server.
  • Warroid is here to be misleading about what the deck is doing, but can also tax the runner or encourage them to leave other cards untrashed.


  • Echo is Bloop fodder but also early gearcheck.
  • Wave is great in Asa. Getting extra ice in hand allows you to use your ID trigger more often. And if the runner approaches a Bloop you can use Wave repeatedly.
  • Fairchild and Tyr aren't great from a cost/benefit standpoint, but we're not paying for these. These are for SAM.
  • Loki is also supposed to be misleading, but is decent with the other big ice.


In the end, I only succeeded in preventing Colin from reaching the cut by killing his Hoshiko. Sorry, Colin. The heart of the cards failed me. This is what happens when I disrespect Shaper; the flood was sent to purge my evil.

24 May 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

<3 Good kill CooDad!