Foundry_Grail_V16_(GNK Darmstadt 20.12.14)

Lorgar 78

A rush deck which won 3 out of 4 games at a local turnament in Darmstadt (Germany) at the 20th of Dezember 2014. The loss was againt an amazing quick Kate Stealth deck which could break my multiple subroutines easily.

6 Mar 2015 Shisen

Well the old stealth deck I used back then doesn't exist anymore but I've come up with another one ;) Your Foundry Deck seems pretty solid. Wanted to try it out since our match but I couldn't find a fitting decklist, thanks for sharing it now :)

Hope we can have a rematch someday!

6 Mar 2015 Lorgar

You're wellcome :-). Just wanted to share my grail decks with a larger audience in order to develop them further. They make a lot of fun because the Grails-decks are always unexpected for the runner.

Your deck was amazing! Stealth is just the perfect tool for multiple subroutine ICE. I wish you success in developing it further and hope to see you at the German Nationals!