MaxXsucker v2.5 Hairy T North Store Championship 1st place

TonyStellato 783

I just got back from Hairy T North's Store Championship (Toronto) and won first place with this and a cheesy ToL NEH. Yesterday, NEH and MaxX helped me get third place at 401's Store Championship (Toronto), with slight modifications made over-night. Today's tourney was 4 rounds of swiss, and then a cut to top 8. By the end of the day, this deck went 9-1 (IIRC. It might have been 8-1, I can't remember).

So, I've posted variations of this deck before.I've been tinkering on this deck for a while. This is my criminal MaxX build, and its gone through some major reworking lately. I took out Desperado and Kati for Prepaid VoicePad and Grimoire, but at 401, it was clearly inferior to this build. I slotted back in Desperado, and ran to my heart's content at Hairy T's. I've given several rundown of the deck before, so I'll keep this one brief:

This deck is an evolution of my various AndySucker decks. It wants to run for money, and keep up pressure by Parasiting whatever gets in the way. Ice Carver helps you run more often, and personal touch was an MVP against RP.

Economy: Kati Jones, Desperado, various events.

Event economy made me think PpVp was the right solution for this deck, but this build managed fine without it. Desperado kept me afloat, and Kati Jones is still classic. I'm going to try to change up some of the influence to test out Security Testing, but honestly, the deck is absolutely fine the way it is. Run for money, you can't really argue with that, its been working for years.

Breakers: Fixed, Knight, D4V1D

The fixed breakers allow you to run as often as possible, and even though I ran into a LOT of Cyberdex Virus Suites today, it was generally well-paced enough to get me the win. D4V1D was for the bad Blue Son match-up (which was my one loss), and Knight was just a dead draw all day. Knight was put in for Cosmic Ice, but I often wish it was a second Medium.

Extras: Personal Touch, Scrubber, Wanton Destruction, Ice Carver

So the bulk of the deck builds itself. The real fun part is deciding what the icing is going to be. Without PvP, I decided Vamp was no longer the right call. I swapped in a Wanton, and it did quite a bit of work (trashing Punitive or Jackson felt great). Its really interchangeable with your preferred HQ pressure card. Personal Touch bonkers against Grail RP, and the deck will only get stronger once Net Ready Eyes is out. Lastly, Scrubber was just a meta call. I drew it in my opening hand against RP with a big smile on my face, but it got trashed to an early grail ICE. It did nothing for the rest of the day. Ice Carver did much less today then it did yesterday, but it really does add a layer of smoothness to your frequent runs.

Sorry if this was a lazy write-up, but I assure you that a better write-up is in my original MaxXsucker post, if you are interested:

Feel free to comment or ask questions. Advice and feedback is always appreciated!