Allentown v1.3

Aogu 38

Twins Murder Deck!

Pretty simple kill deck: Janus 1.0 or Merlin , with The Twins

The Foundry ID ability obviously helps you be far more assured of landing a kill earlier.

The NEXT suite provides reasonable ice to keep grubby runner hands out cheaply, and obviously also works well with the Foundry.

Obviously you need to build up some money for the viable kills, but its not too urgent. Scoring is perfectly possible, and Accelerated Beta Test is especially nice due to reasonable ice density (though you will be thinning it) and the fact that you can use the foundry ability on the first Ice you find to put the other two cards in archives! So far less chance of accidental dumping

3 Mar 2015 TerminalHope

Just built a very similar deck, the only thing I'd notice here is that you're maybe a bit lean on economy. Very nice otherwise!

3 Mar 2015 Ber

I tried to build a deck like this. No kills so far, mostly because my local runners have been scaredy cats and refused to run my servers (I did win by AP quite a bit though).

Where are the Neural Katanas? They kill about the same as Merlin, but if they're missing a sentry, and can be done from 6 credits (4 for ice, 2 for twins).

Also, did you consider Daily Business Show? It's a nice helper for drawing into The Twins or killing ice that you're looking for.

6 Mar 2015 Aogu

@TerminalHope Yep, it feels it too, but without too much else to do there is room to click for creds, but it does feel bad. I've been trying it out with Blue Level Clearance, dropping the Cyberdex Trial etc. but I was dealing with quite a lot of anarchs, but otherwise I agree totally!

@Ber Thats a shame, the kills feel good, but repeat play gets tougher, still room to score though at least. Its also kinda one of the reasons (aside from Influence) that I'd dont have Neural Katana, because the diversity with program trashing from Lancelot (for when you can't quite get the kill) and have to go for scores instead is nice.

I like the Daily Business Show call, until recently I didnt realize they stack, or how totally brutal they are with architect! I really want to try that now

7 Mar 2015 TerminalHope

Galahad wins games. Just so you know, Galahad, Twins and 2x Merlin in hand make this deck deadly from turn 1/2. I'd highly recommend you get some in there.