Eff Yo Barriers [Cache Refresh][SOCR4]

PureFlight 1066

This deck ended the 4th season of the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament with a staggering 1-4 record.

Anyone who has played RevCore-only games knows that barriers are exceedingly relevant in a meta sans Paperclip. This was my attempt to get around that. Virus Breeding Ground and Datasucker support Yusuf, which gets through barriers for free, with a Knifed to take out nasty ones like Chiyashi or Kakugo.

You can take out problem ice iwth Forged Activation Orders and Emergency Shutdown. Money is surprsingly decent with Day Job and Folding. It's just a little slow.

This deck is not good and needs work. The best part about Reina is that you can play Mining Accident after they spend some money to rez some things. Maybe with a Xanadu?

Check out my games against mbzrl's Gagarin, Sanjay's Tennin (this one is real epic), Presheaf's CI, RedOni's AgInfusion, and Bald's PE!

19 Feb 2018 neuropantser

Neat deck! I like this idea (having tried something similar in SOCR3 that performed about as well). Runner seemed hard in general this time around. Anything in the future packs that looks promising?