Headlock 2.0: The Birds are Back in Town (COVID-19 Edition)

spags 7934

image headlok

This is a classic Andries-spags colab: Andries builds something intriguing, perhaps heinous, and I send it through the JNET gauntlet, testing and tweaking it throughout.

Do not take this to your local (online?) Store Champs expecting to win, but do take it to slowly squeeze the will to live/play out of your opponent, especially if they're not fast. Rush is a major enemy of the deck. Hopefully things like being a Crim (hi DOOF), playing "Grant", and being aggro with faceplanting due to being Los keep them from accelerating too quickly.

Ideally, you just continue to set up until you can start de-rezzing ICE, putting the birb back onto Paule's, then immediately reinstalling it for 1, causing a "Grant" trigger.

Would things like Stimhack help in here? Probably. Do I care? Probably not.

Give it a spin, have fun, stay safe (fucc a virus), and chill.

16 Mar 2020 ctz

Ask anybody out there, and they'll tell you that the foundation of a great runner starts with an understanding of some basic fundamentals: events, hardware, programs, and TWENTY resources. These are the things that prepare your mind-body-soul for the many "spend a click to play scarcity of resources"s a runner faces. I heard that bullshit thrown at me all my damn life. You know what my two fathers say before me? Currents are the crutch for the talentless.

This deck is sick. How did you cut aaaaaandries' request for 1x run amok?