Counting Cards

gumonshoe 2973

"Gamble For Days/Dumpster Gamble" for professor. Its not quite right, but it feels close. Thoughts?

Draw is difficult, but the toolbox seems generally effective.

12 Mar 2015 aloofstone

The first problem I see here is that you don't have test runs in here. Test run makes finding the breaker you want faster and allows you to get second use of stuff out your heap. Not as good as exile because you draw a card but still solid and should be included in a toolbox deck. Also quality time.

12 Mar 2015 Kroen

Why include Pipeline when you can include things like Faerie and Garrote?

12 Mar 2015 gumonshoe

@aloofstone Test run often doesn't yield economy, but you're right it can reuse a program you've seen already. I like it a lot less though in this deck, though tutoring is still good. I mull for self-mod and hope I get there.

@Kroen Faerie is a one time use. Garrote uses 2 mem and is too expensive. If you haven't looked at dumpster gamble, I suggest you do. Since you can basically play Pipeline for free and throw it away for 4 creds if it isn't useful its better than garrote. Faerie is nice, but with only 3 clone chips it just won't be effective and it'll hog clone chips which are probably better for getting imp/medium/d4v1d/cache/lady.

12 Mar 2015 aloofstone

Isn't the point of dumpster-gamble to make hella money? If you have all that money your on question then is what breaker do you need. I like that you have a lot of different ways to answer ice I think you just need more sure ways to get it

12 Mar 2015 gumonshoe

@aloofstone There's only 2 cache in the deck and unlike dumpster gamble corroder can stick around, so Lady isn't as required and the econ might come in slower. The way I've played it I'm drawing a lot and everything I draw turns into money and eventually I hit something. This deck can pretty much make due with what it draws, but until the engine is set up you don't want test run clogging up your hand and after everything is set up you don't need it.

I might be wrong, but in previous iterations I found most of my pawnshop money was going into test runs and it was slowing me down since I had to spend another click to keep the thing; or draw and reinstall spending 2 extra clicks. Are you willing to spend 3 clicks for any card in your deck? If so, fine, but I'd rather just draw something I can pawn off and possibly come into a pawnshop or memory source.

Personal preference.

13 Mar 2015 JAK

Isn't Cujo just better than Pipeline? What about Ninja? You def want a Faerie in there.

Have a look at my prof deck, there's a lot of similarities.

13 Mar 2015 gumonshoe

@JAK, Cuj.0 might be better. Its temporary and 1 less strength, also limited uses, but still may be worth checking out since mimic and femme are already in the deck. I thought it cost more than 3, that's an eye opener. Faerie? Maybe.

I'm in harder on the pawnshop, which I think you need to be and I don't think the deck would ever want to break anything with ninja. Since it costs more than 3 I'm not even considering it. Anything that costs more than 3 has to be extremely valuable as it reduces the gain when I eventually pawn it. Look at the suite again, its intentional. Only cards that cost more than 3 are Lady, Femme, and Sneakdoor, all of which grant huge value.

14 Mar 2015 JAK

@gumonshoe Yeah, keeping costs down is v important. My latest version's cutting Keyhole for that reason. (I do think having a Magnum is really useful: against big glacier RP or Blue Sun, it's the only real way to keep up.) One thing I really like about my deck is how nice the program cost curve looks.

I have one Aesop's because when I built the deck I just had one. Having QTs does help find it.

I think the magic number's more like 2 than 3-- anything more than 2 isn't free with Sahasrara. But that's just a matter of opinion, I guess.

17 Mar 2015 Myriad

I tried out this deck and cut an akamatsu and a clone chip for x2 Professional Contacts. It gives me two mul targets (SMC or PC) to help get the engine going and it gives me a much better option than just "clicking for cards".

Had some pretty interesting games. I think this might be somewhat competitive once clot hits!

25 Mar 2015 gumonshoe

@Myriad, glad you enjoyed it; and yeah, if the meta slows down just a bit this feels like its on track.