Dumpster Gamble - 1st Place - Greenlake Games Store Champion

pandapersona 2628

Greenlake Games Store Championship 2/21/2015

This is the Exile deck that I took to the Greenlake Games Store Championship (24 people) and placed 1st with. Out of 8 games played, Exile won 6.

This deck is based on two principles, gamble for days and having the perfect solution for every problem.

For those of you not familiar with gamble for days, this is an economy package that originated in Kate. Typically focusing on playing Cache for free using Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker's ability onto Scheherazade, which nets you 4 credits. Effectively turning Cache into Sure Gamble. It gets further value if you are able to then sell the Cache to Aesop's Pawnshop. However, this economy suite has been modified to be very efficient in Exile: Streethawk. By using Sahasrara, you can turn almost any program into a Sure Gamble. Since you play a toolbox style deck, you don't need every card for every match. This means that you can start installing Net Shield netting 4 credits when playing against Blue Sun. The other strength of using Exile: Streethawk is added tempo for many of the events you play. For instance, Scavenge turns into a Sure Gamble that draws a card.

As a note, I firmly believe that this deck could not be better if it were Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker. Exile's ability gives you upside on Scavenge, Test Run, and Clone Chip. This is huge because it provides the tempo that allows you to keep your economy high. You always need to be installing a program to sell the next turn to Aesop's Pawnshop, so being able to draw without spending a click helps. In addition, Exile is able to preform multiple things at the end of the corporation turn before the runner turns begins. For instance, grabbing Cache via Clone Chip at the end of the corp. turn. This draws you a card, nets you 7 credits (4 for Cache, 3 for Aesop's Pawnshop), all before your turn begins.

The other half of the deck is based around having the right tool for the right job. This deck plays like it has a fluid rig. If you want to attack HQ, install Nerve Agent, if you get locked out, sell it and install Medium. In addition, you have tools that let you deal with all sorts of weird match ups. Net Shield and Deus X hose Jinteki: PE decks. Paricia helps against asset focused decks. The challenge to playing this deck is being able to keep in mind what programs are where and how you get them when you need them.

22 Feb 2015 DavyRam

Fantastic bit of unorthodox deckbuilding. No idea if it works or not, but all the same one of those things that makes you curse because you wish you'd thought of it first.

22 Feb 2015 Dydra

U have 5 ( 6 MU tops with that ONE of Akamatsu Mem Chip ) ... considering you will play 2 ( from 3 copies) Sahasrara and SMCs ... that makes your MU tigther than an Asian chick ...

I would never say "For instance, Scavenge turns into a Sure Gamble that draws a card." . Errr... what? even if we assume that you Scavange a useless/0 counter card, so that you install a 0 cost card from the Heap and install it on Scheherazade in the process drawing a card .... That is definitely not optimal, considering that is an anti-synergy with Aesop's Pawnshop. If you had Sure Gamble, you wouldn't draw a card but you would sell the useless program for 3 and then 4 net from Sure gamble, total of 7c ... in this case you get 4c and a card ...

That's what I mean as in "non optimal".

Congratz on the win and the original deck building, but I personally wouldn't play this over some Noise Hive deck, or even that cheese Maxx-Eater decks. :\

22 Feb 2015 poorhaus


A Kate Aesop's/Cache/sell stuff deck placed top four in our store champs yesterday. When that deck did poorly it had trouble finding the right cards, so seems plausible that Exile may finally have an advantage over Kate.

Sahasrara at 3x is a great call. It's double Kate's ability, but only for programs. With 24 programs in your deck and tons of recursion, makes a lot of sense to me.

I also love how truly shapery the deck is. The ever changing rig, intense versatility, and very program oriented. Nicely done.

22 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

I prefer grimoire in this type of setup, the extra MU makes it pretty amazing, and also adds 1 every time you hit a cache. I leaned on atman though, which might be a meh.

nice deck and congrats though, I love exile.

22 Feb 2015 Kroen

Why not Professor? true, you could only play 2 Caches, but you would be able to fit in a host of other goodies such as Imp, Faerie, Morning Star (awesome for Test Run+Scavenge), etc.

23 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

You don't get a card with the scavenge. The extra card kicks ass in addition to the credits.

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

By playing Scavenge targeting an installed Cache, you trash the Cache. Then you re-install that same Cache from the heap drawing a card via Exile: Streethawk and reloading the Cache it with money. It gains you 4 total credits if it is Scavenged back onto Scheherazade, 3 credits and a card otherwise.

23 Feb 2015 poorhaus

After playing a little more with it this deck is insane. You can pop up to 10-15 credits by turn 2 or 3, easy, ready to run any server. Cache from a Clone chip or scavenge can be a hedge fund plus a card, then 3 from Aesop's. 7 creds and a card. Nasty, and one of the most efficient plays in the game. Dump those creds onto SMC and grab whatever you need.

I'll definitely test this out, maybe in a tournament. Could be pretty competitive.

23 Feb 2015 eulennatzer

What's the reason for playing ZU over Gordian?

23 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

I'm more concerned with the cloak...

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@eulennatzer ZU.13 is played over Gordian, because ZU fits into the Gamble for Days economic package. With Scheherazade in play, ZU installs for a net of 0 credits. With Sahasrara, it installs for a positive 1 credit, and if sold with Aesop's Pawnshop, it can yield a total of 4 credits.

@x3r0h0ur Cloak is one of the open slots in the deck. Initally, the single Cloak was an Atman, but it was too expensive. I also tried Uninstall, which was cute but ineffective. Cloak is just a source of 4-5 credits, depending on if you are able to use the recurring credit.

23 Feb 2015 daytodave

@pandapersona Love it!

Doesn't Cloak net you 3-4 credits depending on whether you use it? I wonder if a second Inti would be better in that spot. It's a guaranteed 4c and saves you a tutor in games where you actually need it.

23 Feb 2015 Austac06

Have you considered Overmind? I'm new to Netrunner, so I'm still not very good at it, but I built an Exile: Streethawk deck, and Overmind is my all-star. I typically hit an Astrolabe or Akamatsu Mem Chip early on, and then I use SMC to search up Overmind. After I burn all the power counters by running, I will use Scavenge to reset the Overmind. It works pretty well for me, but again, I'm new, so I haven't played against competitive decks. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on this.

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@daytodave Cloak can net up to 5 credits on one use. So, if you install Cloak with Sahasrara, onto Scheherazade. You gain 1 credit, if you then use the credit on Cloak, you are now at 2 positive credits from the single card. Lastly, if sold to Aesop's Pawnshop, you've generated 3 more credits, leaving you a total net of 5 positive credits for 1 card.

@Austac06 I have not had a chance to test Overmind, however, I do not believe that it would pair well as I typically want programs that install for 3 or fewer credits. In addition, I want to have a program like Sahasrara installed and it is not uncommon to have a Cache or other program sitting around waiting to be Aesoped Away, further reducing the number of potential Overmind counters.

23 Feb 2015 ycombinator

This is great. Just great. This is the first deck in a long time that makes we want to venture away from Kit. I'll likely up the Jank, but I love the thought that went into this. I'm with @Dydra that you should keep to the non-hyperbolic sell of the deck. The explanation in the comments of your Hedge Fund + draw statement makes sense, and I'd put that into the main body of the explanation in the future.

This is awesome. You just wasted part of my day due to the necessary deck building.

23 Feb 2015 ycombinator

The only thing that I hate you for right now is how difficult it will be to write a simulator that can analyse this economy ;-) Challenge accepted.

23 Feb 2015 trustworthym

Can we address the fact, as a community, that Dydra's comments are fucking gross and exclusionary as hell? I'm not talking about deck critique - if we're having open commenting, I'm very not okay with someone describing deck slots as 'tighter than an asian chick'. Fuck, dude. We need some form of comment moderation here if we don't want this to become the Gross Boys Netrunner Hangout.

Sorry to do this here. Cool deck.

23 Feb 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@pandapersona Ever since I saw the Kate version of this I've wanted to try it in Exile, I'm thrilled for this and I'll start testing it asap. I do have memory concerns- a fluid rig is the key to an early/mid-game victory, but without an end-game rig in my experience you fizzle when you run low enough on tricks.

Without an Opus for end game it's clear you plan to win earlier on- with no hosting you obviously don't have/need Sahasrara, but your access is only medium/nerve agent. What are your thoughts on the deck's late-game potential? Do hive and Next silver tax you out with no parasite? Do you feel more early pressure event cards are needed? Really appreciate your responses, very interested in the deck!

23 Feb 2015 CJFM

I gotta say, it's the year of Exile, after all. Watching @pandapersona play this was a joy. In the finals, the Blue Sun player (very strong player who was piloting a "Vegan" version) just couldn't do anything proactive. If he tried to go for a score, Exile can get in and score it. There was a sweet bluff (reversed accounts) that got trashed in a really solid play, but with Aesops the deck makes so much cash, there wasn't much he could do to keep the Street Hawk out. Amazing deck piloted by an amazing player. Well done!

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@ItJustGotRielle Glad to hear you'll be testing out the deck soon!

I have not had much trouble with MU, the deck can consistently get to 5 MU, which I feel like is the right number. 1 MU for Sahasrara, 1 MU for a junk program that you'll Aesop Away, and 3 slots for breakers and a multi-access program you are using. At a certain point, you'll get to 6 MU, at that point you stop thinking about MU. One thing to remember is that the rig always shifts, I have no qualms selling off a Femme after I've used it to access a remote. You only keep things installed that you actively need.

If the game goes long, you'll have to play LARLA to reload your tricks. Being able to shift around Cyber-Cypher or restart the Cache economy is important at that late game phase.

NEXT Silver is taxing on Inti, and I would love to be able to include a single Parasite, but with the prevalence of Blue Sun and all the cosmic ice, I think D4v1d is more useful. Hive is just a drain on Cerberus "Lady" H1 counters.

I'd be tempted to add some event-based pressure, I personally prefer Medium/Nerve Agent as it can be incredible early game pressure if a central server is left unprotected. In addition, being able to tutor it with Self-modifying Code and sell it to Aesop's Pawnshop is very handy.

23 Feb 2015 jakodrako

@bionicsheep Thank you. That part of @Dydra's comment was completely unnecessary, add me to the team of "that sort of thing should not be tolerated here."

23 Feb 2015 skau

I was the one that went 1-1 against your Exile with nearpad on Saturday. I thought you were only playing 1x Astrolabe. Seeing your decklist makes me feel less salty about you playing it from hand turn 1 against me :). Congrats on the wins, well deserved!

23 Feb 2015 gumonshoe

I played something like this out of Kate with Oracle May (who does not belong in this deck, at all); Its so weird to see yet another deck I was close to, but didn't quite nail. In your opinion, are there any programs you wish you could get that would make you consider professor? Or are you so tight on space that none of them would be worth it. Because that was one of the secondary ideas I'd been considering for this deck. Going down to 2 cache and losing the draw would obviously hurt the deck; but would being able to include sneakdoor make up for it?

Props. Love the deck.

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@gumonshoe I think that this deck needs to be in Exile as it stands. While it would be great to have access to Imp and Parasite, the deck has been designed with the draw power of Exile in mind. I think losing that would hurt the efficiency of the deck, as you would need to play either Earthrise Hotel or Quality Time to make up for the lack of draw power, which would strain the economy of the deck which relies on cheap programs to install.

A redesign for The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge would be really cool though!

23 Feb 2015 4dd150n

Best new deck idea I've seen in awhile. You've gotten me excited about Shaper again.

My only concern is Chronos Project. With Maximum Eater decks all the rage, CP is becoming a very relevant agenda. Has it been a problem for you?

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@Addison Chronos Project is a bummer, but it has yet to be a big problem for me. It was played against me once during the tournament, and the turn prior I had just used Levy AR Lab Access, all I lost was a single Self-modifying Code.

While Chronos Project is very strong against this deck, the flaw is that it needs to be scored from hand. Remotes are pretty easy to access, even with a bunch of ice.

23 Feb 2015 ekayohlee

I'm with @bionicsheep here -- comments like @Dydra's should not be tolerated on this site or by the community.

Onto @pandapersona's deck, I love this, and really want to try playing this! I'm also concerned with the MU situation and wondering if it might be worth swapping Cloak with an extra Mem chip, but I suppose I should test it with the original cards since you don't believe it's an issue.

I'm wondering the order in priority for the programs you believe you need to get out? What are you looking for in your opening hand, what are you tutoring for immediately?

23 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@ekayohlee In regards to MU, I'd recommend trying it out without adding anything else. I'd say the only program that stays installed for the rest of the game is Mimic.

As for opening hands, you optimally want to have an Aesop's Pawnshop, Self-modifying Code, Scheherazade, or Diesel. If you have none of these, I'd recommend taking a mulligan.

As for priority of programs, if I don't have Scheherazade, the first use of Self-modifying Code is to tutor it into play. After that, Sahasrara is nice, but it generally depends on what ice the corporation is rezzing. Adapt the rig as needed, eventually you'll draw into Sahasrara and the economy takes off.

23 Feb 2015 stoppableforce

This is a lovely deck, glad you did well with it! I'm definitely going to give it a shot. The first ID I tried when C&C came out was Exile, but I never did quite manage to make it work. I know there was a small surge of interest in him again when Inject came out again, and it makes sense on some level - it draws your non-program cards, and it dumps programs in the heap for you, the better to draw more cards with later. Six influence for the full set was obviously a bummer, though.

23 Feb 2015 jrp

@Dydra please keep the comments clean.

24 Feb 2015 Wookiee

This is supercool. My favorite part of Shaper is the flexible rig, and this just nails it. Very nice.

And yeah, that comment would be best avoided in the future. No need for it.

24 Feb 2015 Wookiee

@pandapersona Why Akamatsu? If you're running with high economy, it seems like you'd rather put in something that has a bigger benefit than the discount memory. Wouldn't you be better off with either a Dyson for the link or an Omni-drive for the free credit or a Cybersolutions for the extra memory (although you don't seem to think it's needed)? I get that you're going for extremely low cost cards, but what's the point in being able to generate cash on demand if you're not going to spend it? ;)

24 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@Wookiee Akamatsu Mem Chip was chosen simply because it is the cheapest form of MU, the smallest investment. The point of running a high economy is that it can fuel multiple runs. The multi-access in this deck is Medium and Nerve Agent, unlike many Shapers, you want to be able to make multiple runs in a turn or two. Worst case installing Akamatsu Mem Chip for a click and a credit, you can sell it to Aesop's Pawnshop for a net of 2 credits.

24 Feb 2015 Evilawn

I think that the dyson mention is kiiinndaaa nice (okay yeah no credit gain) but at least it makes ZU free MU? Reaaally like the deck. This might sound a bit stretched but I like the idea of putting at least 1 same old thing in the deck just in case the corps kicks out of your hand. Worst case scenario it's 3 credits. Net shield and Cloak feel like nice little slots that can be swapped for other cards depending on the meta. Yep really digging this grats on the win!

24 Feb 2015 nydnarb

@pandapersona shared this list with me a few weeks ago. It's sick. It took me a while to really learn the deck and realize how "shifty" your rig has to be, but once I did, the deck opened up! It's a beautiful dance that can get you into any remote. Doubters should build it and play it! It's super fun and a little addicting.

Also, thanks @bionicsheep. I agree completely.

24 Feb 2015 SlayerCNV

What about Autoscripter?

24 Feb 2015 Fortunasown

While not having actually played the deck, I get the feeling that the number of installs from your heap, or deck would severally inhibit the benefit to influence cost of an Autoscripter.

My last professor deck can attest that while the disposable rig works well (damn near beautifully) for him, the lack of innate card draw keeps him a turn or more behind the corporation. I used Personal Workshop and Aesops to turn dead draws into stored answers or economy. In tests I just wasn't fast "enough" for fast advance decks. Having ALL the answers (except E3 feedback) was awesome though.

24 Feb 2015 Badeesh

Sigh. Building this will mean disassembling both my Noise and Nasir decks. Good job you bastard. XD

24 Feb 2015 CapAp

@pandapersona Amazing! My first thought though is Leprechaun for the Akematsu. Way more fluid memory management for just 1c more, plus now you can tutor for it and it fits into the economy package.

Will be playing this deck asap. I only wish I'd heard about it in time for the SC this weekend!

24 Feb 2015 pandapersona

@SlayerCNV I've not considered Autoscripter, although the deck is fairly tight on influence, so I generally avoided considering out-of-faction hardware.

@CapAp You'll have to let me know how testing goes with Leprechaun! I've never considered it because MU has never really been a problem with the deck, I got used to installing over X or losing an installed SMC. As a note, Daemon abilities don't stack, so if you host Leprechaun onto Scheherazade, you'll get 1 credit, but any program hosted on Leprechaun does not gain you a credit.

24 Feb 2015 daytodave

This is neat. With all the Exile draw and focus on Sure Gambling all the time, I'm a little surprised that Diesel is worth more to you than actual Sure Gambles.

24 Feb 2015 Stiban

I wanna make inject-exile work but can not find the room.

24 Feb 2015 x3r0h0ur

I've got one, but it's 90% dirty hands.

25 Feb 2015 EV Anarch

I've been trying this deck out for the past few days and really enjoying it. After playing a bit I think I'm going to try to fit in a Parasite, replacing the Nerve Agent. I think the extra capability towards early-game and Jinteki ice will be worth the hit taken to multi-access.

(Also I've never really liked Nerve Agent anyway)

25 Feb 2015 Oisin

You might cut the Mem chip and/or one Astrolabe for Leprechaun. I've been playing travisrchance's Dirty Hands deck for a few weeks now, and I like Leprechaun in that deck in case I want to use an SMC late game (though his deck also uses Magnum Opus, so maybe MU is much less of an issue here).

25 Feb 2015 CapAp

I've cut the Cloak for Leprechaun and am very pleased. You're constantly installing and selling to Aesop until you hit Leprechaun anyway, so it's easy to maneuver just the two programs you know you're going to keep (Sahasrara and Mimic) onto it once it's out. All you lose is the 2c from the installs that would have gone on 'Zade. As @pandapersona said, mem isn't a PROBLEM because you're so fluid - but it is an annoyance in the late game.

26 Feb 2015 gawbo005

is there a way we can see a video of this deck in action?

26 Feb 2015 CapAp

Well, @pandapersona turns out you're right. I did like Leprechaun but after switching to Akematsu, I realized it was superior. You do SO MUCH program installing that it really is more lucrative to just sell your stuff to Aesop and get bux for 'Zade installs. I cede to your original judgement. :)

27 Feb 2015 AkAnderson

This deck makes me run through the streets, screeching like a hawk in happiness

28 Feb 2015 Daevar

This deck seemed to be right up my alley since I enjoy toolbox-builds more than anything else, plus I'm kinda fed-up with Kat and Co.

Today while testing I ran this deck against Blue Sun and got a Turn 3 Midseason for an unreasonable amount of tags, that's basically the end of the story right there. I made it to 6 points since the Corp had an abysmal draw, but my econ was doomed to be useless right from the get-go. Three Power Shutdowns in Short succession killed my Scheherazade as well, so it got pretty nasty, since I had to rebuild from scratch with basically no eco at all.

How do you recover from an early Midseason hit with this deck? (obviously getting struck with it before turn 5 is pretty darn unlucky, at least in Weyland) Even if I wanted to clear the tags, I couldn't amass the necessary credits and on the other side, floating tags when 80% of your econ is Aesop's doesn't seem to be the solution- well, what to do? I'm still fairly new, so I might miss something obvious, but a belated Information Overload did me in eventually, since it's an ICE this deck basically doesn't have an answer to once Midseason hit (not that it's a standard piece of ICE, but tagstorm will put it down and trash your rig with it...). I wanted to take this deck to my first Store Championship, but some tips in this regard would be much appreciated since NBN tagstorm or at the very least lots of Blue Sun are to be expected (no O&C in the tourney).

28 Feb 2015 pandapersona

Midseasons is particularly brutal, the best defense is to beat the corp. in the money game. The deck is strong against Blue Sun, as you are able to cheaply dispose of OAIed ice, denying a large economic gain for the Blue Sun player. If you suspect a Midseasons play, until you can out money the corp. you don't really want to aggressively steal agendas. Jacking out after breaking the OAIed Curtain Wall is an option.

Blue Sun is generally pretty slow, in the match up, you should try to build your economy to compete, only running if you can dogde the Midseasons or to hose OAI.

28 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

First off congrats on winning. It's good to see an exile deck do well. Upon fist glance the deck looks like a The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge deck with the down side of not been able to spend as much Influence on programs. But actually you do get an ability for the game and a link which makes probably makes it stronger in a few ways also.

28 Feb 2015 Skillet_135

@pandapersona I have been loving this deck! Have you ever considered using Battering Ram instead of Cerberus "Lady" H1? The extra credit for install is a pain as is having to pay to break subs but against Wayland barriers I'm thinking it may be a good option.

1 Mar 2015 Circadia

Hey @pandapersona! Awesome deck. I took a variant of it (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/16561/schehasrarazade) to the Leamington Spa UK store champs yesterday (16 players) and placed first in the swiss. I dropped out of the cut having already won a store champs, but this deck was doing some serious work. I dropped one game to Making News due to some unlucky deep digging (9 medium counters over 3 turns, plus Nerve Agent seeing their whole hand), but managed to beat probably the three most competitive pre-O&C decks: Cambridge PE, Replicating Frustration, and NEH Astrobiotics. I swapped the Akamatsu for a Leprechaun as late game it serves as an effective holding place for SMCs, and since you gain a credit for installing it (as opposed to losing one for Akamatsu) it makes up for the credit loss from not installing stuff directly onto 'zade. Also Infilitration saved my life against an Overwriter (but it was mostly in there to scout out Shattered Remains, which I think is a killer card against this deck.) I had a blast playing it, so thank you!

1 Mar 2015 RedNomad

Great fan of the deck! I allways liked Exile and now it finally looks like I can play him competitively.

@Daevar: I played this deck against my friends Blue Sun and survived a midseasons into double scorch. 2 Clone chips reinstalling caches saved the day, as the extra card draw got my hand out of scorch distance. ( I had a plascrete out and only 3 cards in hand when he went for it).

1 Mar 2015 Daevar

@RedNomad It wadn't really the double Scorches I've been afraid of, I had two Plascretes down eventually, but getting anywhere without the cash from Aesop's proved more than difficult. Installing stuff on Scheherazade is then mostly a single credit - might as well click for money. And without any kind off burst in the eco getting money for even the simplest of runs proved to be quite difficult.

But I guess it's just like @pandapersona said: Better to not get Midseason'ed in the first place.

2 Mar 2015 Skillet_135

@Daevar I had a turn 2 midseasons for 8 tags last night. There was 1 ice over R&D. I spent 2 turns clicking for credits and then Test Run Fem + SMC Medium. I was able to pick off 2 agendas out of R&D and then Scavenge Fem into place permanently. I was able to keep an R&D lock on him by clicking for credits + Cache. I never got hit with a Power Shutdown though. Loosing both Scheherazade and Aesop's Pawnshop would be painful.

2 Mar 2015 CapAp

Paricia is wonderful Shutdown protection, and it's probably worth Cloning back out immediately after (as he probably wouldn't waste a solo shutdown on paricia, and has a second one ready to kill your 'Zade).

2 Mar 2015 drhems

@pandapersona Fantastic Deck. This has been a lot of fun to pilot.

@SlayerCNV I've tried the deck with Autoscripter and it works very well. Once it hits the table you basically have a 5th every turn. I found this very effective with medium and easy access to R&D(Install for 1; then, Run 4 times). With this installed your Caches net 7 for effectively zero clicks. Even better if you Clone Chiped them back (7, 1 card, and 1) The only problem I found was that I had to ditch D4v1d and Nerve Agent for 2 of them.

The only time this was a problem was againt a Titan Transnational deck with Hadrian's Walls. So I would assume that this would be a problem against any big barrier ice decks.

4 Mar 2015 bignatenz

@drhems Only problem with Autoscripter is it only triggers when you install from hand, so much of this decks installed come from SMC, test run, and clone chip, so you don't get the extra click

This deck is pretty awesome, played a few games on octgn and managed to win the first couple without even remembering to draw off the ability. Imagine how much better it got once I remembered the extra cards too :P

4 Mar 2015 Arkanoid

Making this deck and also seconding @bionicsheep's argument, what @Dydra wrote is unacceptable in this community.

4 Mar 2015 drhems

@bignatenz You are most certainly right. Looks like I owe a friend a few wins, oops. I still find my self installing out of my hand quite a bit. So I would be interested to see if the occasional click free install is worth it. Thanks for the correction.

5 Mar 2015 tonybluehose

I took this for a test drive yesterday and saw how much fun it can be. One of my friends built the deck and I was just itching to try it. I asked him, "What's a good opening hand?" He said, "I'm not really sure. You just kind of go with it." Once I saw how the economic package WAS part of the program suite, I just had a huge grin on my face. Well done making a super fun deck!

9 Mar 2015 call_of_brothulhu

tried the deck out and its a ton of fun, but i must say i felt like it had some significant problems with stacked data ravens would probably means it would have issues with any stacked str4 or higher sentries and could possibly struggle against blue sun as it makes femme mostly useless on central servers

9 Mar 2015 call_of_brothulhu

@pandapersona sorry, forgot to throw the shoutout into my previous post

9 Mar 2015 pandapersona

@call_of_brothulhu Higher strength sentries that are not AP or Killer sub-typed are pretty rare. The most common would be Data Raven and Taurus, the plan for both those is to simply beat that trace or pay a bit more with Femme. If it is past strength 4, then use D4v1d.

One possible solution to multiple Data Ravens is to use Femme on one of them. You'll take one fewer tags getting into that one server. However, it is probably better to focus your efforts elsewhere.

As for Blue Sun match ups, Femme is more an Inside Job style card, not meant to sit on central ice. The deck currently runs D4v1d to deal with large ice like the cosmic stuff.

12 Mar 2015 ODie

Took this to a casual tournament tonight and went 1 win, 1 timed win, and one loss (something like N.E.A.R.P.A.D.) out of three rounds. I love it. After months of roaming in the wilderness of Gabe, Quetzal, and Kate PPVP, I've come home :-)

16 May 2015 ttsgosadow

And then Blacklist comes along and your house is wrecked :(

16 May 2015 Daevar

@ttsgosadow Yeah, I really dislike how some hate cards end up gutting runners and corps that aren't really considered Tier 1 in the first place - dumpster gamble felt like a fine way to actually get Exile into territory of being really viable, but blacklist has the potential to ruin the ID on such a fundamental level that it's not really funny (same thing with Clot and my not-so-secret love-corp Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers for the Corp's side for instance, although I don't think Blacklist will see as much play as as Clot does).