ChaosDataV.100 (2 time 1st place store championship deck)

John"Animal"McEvoy 1361

Hello everybody! I've been getting comments from some really awesome players saying that I should post and explain how this and other decks that I made work, so here you go! :D

I have been playing a deck like this since well..... Honor and Profit came out! When I first saw Overmind, I immediately thought "This is going to be awesome with ChaosTheory!" And it was! Over the past year, I have been refining and testing the S*** out of this deck! So here are a few card choices and deck strategies.

Strategy: Get tons of power counters on Overmind and do lots of multi-access runs.

Card choices: I use to run Deep Red and it worked really nicely but BoxE was only -1 MU and it absorbed the Stimhack damage and this deck loves the the Stimhack burst economy, so for me, BoxE was the most optimal choice. The deck can be pretty slow so don't be scared of dropping an early Overmind with only 7 MU. The economy is pretty good cause everything is going on PW so that gives you time to load up Kati. Diesel is the only draw power in the deck and I find its enough cause most of the time I'm waiting for stuff to come off of PW, so clicking for cards is not a issue.

So there's a simple overview of the deck. Most of the cards are self explanatory but if you guys have any questions don't be shy to ask! Cheers and have a happy netrunning! :D

19 Mar 2015 Siphonator

I like it! :D

19 Mar 2015 Mistines

Why don't you use Scavange instead of Clone Chips?

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

Cause of Swordsman, mostly. I used to run Scavenge, but ever since Eater came out Swordsman has been in a lot of decks. So after OM gets trashed in mid run I Clone it and press on!

19 Mar 2015 Pao

So with swordsman being a thing now, how are you getting by it besides that? are you just maximizing your run value? As well a card I though was kinda fun for this was Omni Drive to maximize MU.

19 Mar 2015 Glitch

I love this deck! I thought the exact same thing about Overmind when it was first released as well, but was never able to make it work on a competitive level.

With the prevelance of Swordsman in decks right now, had you considered removing a single HQ Interface for a copy of Parasite? Or has Swordsman really not been that much of a bother?

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

YA MAN HIGHTFIVE! But ya i have considered it, Swordsman has not been to disruptive, usually you only need to make a couple of R&D runs with all your R&D interfaces out, so encountering Swordsman a few times is not a problem.

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

But make sure you have a couple of clone chips out before you run! :D

19 Mar 2015 BluBlu

Looks good! have you ever thought of putting mimics in and removing a HQ interface?

19 Mar 2015 BluBlu

No i have not, I wouldn't want another program up cause i want Overmind to have as many power counters as possible, but mimic would be good in quite a few situations so i might give it a try!

19 Mar 2015 BluBlu

sorry man forgot to post by email but ya ttyl!

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

Ya man its ok, good talk anyway lol. but ya ttyl!

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

oh ya blublu don't put any more programs in your deck cause then you'l losethe concept of it all!

19 Mar 2015 BluBlu

yo bud i was wondering if you wanted to Skype?

19 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy


20 Mar 2015 Leviathan

How do you deal with multi-access punishment? Jinteki PE looks like a dangerous match-up. Also, Argus or any Weyland deck making use of Punitive Counterstrike.

20 Mar 2015 ahiskali

Hey! I like decks like this. The only thing that bothers me - how do you play against NBN with midseasons? They can trash your PW and hw on it with breaking news. Or, if you streal breaking news, they midseasons you and still trash PW.

20 Mar 2015 circle_breaker

If you're running gorrilians of MU, have you considered a single Sage?

20 Mar 2015 dodgepong

What about Dinosaurus instead of Box-E? One of the big downsides of Overmind is that you have to boost its strength so much, which can get expensive depending on the ICE. The downside of Dinosaurus is usually that you have to install it first, but since Overmind is limited-use anyway and you'll be reinstalling it, there's much less downside to installing it without the console. It effectively gains you one less MU for a counter, but could be more economical.

20 Mar 2015 dodgepong

(Sorry for double post)

Another thought is Test Run, which gets you "free" counters, lets you tutor for your Overmind if it's hard to find, and lets you recur them.

20 Mar 2015 KitsuAeryn

I run a deck similar to this, but it includes Sage to augment the Overminds. I've found Test Run helps a lot, both for the fetching and the recursion, but your mileage may vary. In my version of the deck, I actually run Dinosaurus -- pairs nicely with Sage, and doesn't drink the memory you want for Overmind deployment. Shove MemStrips in for extra support just in case, and you're golden. At least, that's been my experience. Very cool deck!

20 Mar 2015 Manticore

@dodgepong No AIs on Dinosaurus :(

20 Mar 2015 dodgepong

Oh right. I feel silly.

20 Mar 2015 KitsuAeryn

@Manticore @dodgepong That's why if you're gonna run the Dino in a deck like this, IMO you'd also run Sage. It doesn't take away any of the Overmind's memory once you've hosted it on Dino, and it can help smash through things w/o burning your power counters. Especially if you also run e3 Feedback Implants.

21 Mar 2015 rojazu

Nice deck. How do you do for economy? Do you find yourself ever not having enough to bump overmind for the big dig runs? Wonder with all the free MU if data folding has a place here?

Also, what about SOT for stimhack recursion seeing as you have box e to absorb a lot of the blow.

21 Mar 2015 rojazu

Also, how do you deal with kill decks? PW can be used as a quasi placsrete (unloading after sea source and sacrificing your entire game plan for survival seems not ideal). To squeeze in a plascrete what would you cut? One copy of overmind? Diesel?

21 Mar 2015 moistloaf

is this legitimately version 100

21 Mar 2015 John"Animal"McEvoy

Not sure, but probably lol! i went through so many deferent versions that i called it V.100

21 Mar 2015 Kroen

Wraparounds would ruin your day.

27 Mar 2015 KefkaPalazzo

I want to test this with the following changes: -3 Diesel -1 Stimhack -1 HQ Interface -1 Overmind -2 Box-E

+2 I've Had Worse +1 Test Run +2 Dinosaurus +2 Sage +1 Oracle May

HQ Interface cut is for the influence more than anything else. With Box-E out, Stimhack loses some value, so dropping a copy seems smart. Diesels for IHW helps against flatline while maintaining draw power. Cutting an Overmind while adding Sages and Dinosaurus helps make runs a bit more cost efficient, and helps with Wraparound. You also won't lose it to a facechecked Swordsman, and if Overmind isn't out, even better. Test Run is because you want whichever breaker you haven't drawn yet, but may just be a flex slot(singleton Diesel/Quality Time?). Oracle May aids both draw and econ, and by calling hardware every time, you're close to 50% to get it right. I don't want to rely on her tho, as she's still not very consistent, so just a one-of.

Oracle could just go along with Test Run and be two Diesels.


1 Aug 2015 aero

Could this work with Hayley?