PuMeGo 224

This deck killed 3 people in the König von Deutschland team tournament the day before but didn't land one victory in the main event :(

The reason for that might be the fact, that in team tournaments you probably don't face highly competitive decks or that people might be in a more casual mind set. But to face several Hayleys and a of lot runners with buffer drive makes it very hard to kill or grind out for me. So most games were intense and still fun, but I basically waited 40 minutes or longer for the opponents to make a grave mistake...

Argus crackdown + Obokata generates descent scoring windows, so maybe I needed more to focus on scoring out.

Some advice from more experienced PE players is very welcome =D

26 Jan 2020 vesper

Great games against this deck (and the almighty Apex). Loads of fun trying to not get flatlined!