Outfit rush 3-1 in finnish async tournament

aksu 144

I wanted to play first ID that I played in standard when I got into the game last fall. I played couple of test games in Jinteki and submitted my decklist. During the tournament I found out that I do not really like some of my choices.

Basic idea that I had was trying to rush all of my points behind scary ice like bulwark and trebuchet. while keeping my economy running with bad publicity cards. This got muddled up with multiple other ideas that did not cohere with my game plan that much. Archer, Mavirus, formicary+Skunk combo slots could have been benefitting my gameplan instead of trying to act like a OB list. I had a deck that tried to do too many diffrent things.

Next version of my Outfit list is probably going to focus much more on closing out the game even with bad publicity making runs cheap. And including more of a attack vector with HHN boom combo that forces runner to consider their money more.

Still this deck overperfomed my expectations so I cant really be that mad about it.

Ps. Wake up call feels meh in wayland. There is not really a threat to boat if runner just keeps 4 cards in hand unless you have both in hand. So run 3 or run 0.