(3rd at RCDL3) BABA YAGA KIM - Undefeated if you discount WB

Zerothmaxima 122

When you wanna play Shaper but Draft only deals you Nasir, a couple of Personal Workshops and a full set of Paule's: you have to take the situation into your own hand.

Hammer Time

Thats right. One hand is plenty when it is dealt an unbeatable rig of a Buzzing, Breaching, Fae Baba! All the rest of the cards are basically fluff.

Sokka wants to grind me out with ELP RP? The RP run is just value to me baby.

Syd thinks trashing all my programs with random net damage is enough to win a game? They were just a bluff all along!

As per the rules of the league, it could have been 40 cards, but honestly that would have felt like cheating.

Beating The Outfit before it scored out in 6 turns proved to be a problem though.

Anyways big shoutouts to Alpha for RCDL3, witness the madness yourself, replays are on the Metropole Grid

10 Nov 2021 anarchomushroom

There is no justice if this doesn't get DOTW.

12 Nov 2021 Zerothmaxima