Orange is the new Blue

branimated 595

Wanna play a Runner who regularly has no money, 2 hand size, and wins games anyway?

Yeah. Me too. That's why I was so delighted to come across perenxiao's sweet Esa list. This style of aggression hasn't been viable in Standard since HHN came out, but dreams are real in Startup. (True, Public Trail + End of the Line exists, but we have NFL for that).

I found that I never really installed the Poison Vial, so decided to get another Inside Job and max out on NFLs. (Having 2 Inside Jobs is awesome - Corps do not expect you to have the second one). Based on discussions with my meta, I also decided that Ghosttongue is too good and fun to leave out, which meant playing more econ events (Running Hot).

To play the list, mulligan for Ghosttongue, install every Earthrise Hotel you can get, and blast R&D with a Finality every time there are 4 fresh ones to look at. Time Bomb has been pretty good for me - sort of a cheaper and more flexible Chastushka.

I have considered the merits of playing "real" breakers, but in practice, they really aren't needed, since the deck can't generate the econ needed to get into a grindy breakers-vs-ice game. Leave that to the Shapers, we're here to drop Finality and Sabotage on the Corp until they tap out.