Worlds' Adam goes 3-2 at BCOM 2022

Larrea 74

Even though I'd been playing a very different looking Adam list in Jnet, for this tournament I chose to copy the 5th? placing Adam list at worlds. I don't really remember what I cut for the Light the Fire!, must have not been that important.

Round 1: Won vs Dana's Argus Security. Once I had money and a Misdirection installed she conceded. Round 2: Won vs RH Glacier. After surviving a turn one Bacterial Programming steal, I ate 2 Snare!s, one of which knocked off my only Mad Dash. Nevertheless the corp couldn't keep me out of the server and I had enough hit points and I kept Finding The Truth until I won Round 3: Lost to Chris M's Jinja PD. He built a pretty fast 3 ice server and I just kept drowining in my 3 copies of Earthrise Hotel. Things that happen. Rounds 4 and 5 were vs Sports doing a PD impression. Won Round 4 and lost Round 5. At that point I dropped.

GGs to everyone! And thanks to PSK, her husband and Vesper and everyone else involved in making the best Netrunner tournament I've been to!

8 Apr 2022 pspacekitten

my husband :chefkiss: was the one that placed 5th at Worlds - such a smol world <3