Dumblefork - 1st at Asgard Games SC Jan15

vinegarymink 419

16 Jan 2017 clercqie

Mimic instead of MKUltra? And no Deja Vu? I guess, because you don't play Inject, the recursion is less needed. But then, do you find your Wyldside fast enough typically?

Granted, the meta is a lot slower thanks to the Astro errata, and you do have the tech to keep up with CTM from turn 1.

Otherwise, deck seems aces. Congrats on your performance!

16 Jan 2017 evilgaz

Well done on the wins Alex, good to catch up.

@clercqie MKUltra is actually quite expensive compared to Mimic with HB (and therefore Architect) being the most populous deck - things might change with Qurom being released. I personally have a Deja Vu though, I think it's too useful to exclude!

16 Jan 2017 vinegarymink

@clercqie I had MK Ultra and Deja Vu (over Plascrete) at a Store Champ the week before. I hated MK Ultra. Dumblefork is usually poor so the expensive ability on MK Ultra stopped me from using it a lot of the time. Deja Vu is great in Dumblefork, I was just a little worried about meat damage and so cut it for Plascrete. I didn't want to cut any money and risk hurting my CI matchup.

17 Jan 2017 RonZacapa

Didn't see a lot of CtM on the day? i'm finding it a hard match up...