Janksgiving R+ Combo

Larrea 4

Deck I built for the Janksgiving tournament. My core was a NAPD cordon + Preemptive Action + Reeducation.

As soon as i saw reeducation, my mind went to neurospike, so building this deck wasn't that much of a challenge. I used Archived Memories once to return a NAPD cordon to buy me another turn so i could click for a single credit, that one was really tense.

Won all my games with this deck! 2 games by spiking, 1 game by scoring and 1 game with a Thoth subroutine. That's certainly a first.

Thanks to Shiiga for organizing a great tournament!

8 Jan 2022 Dunsch

was really fun playing against. I was just a bit to scared of Neurospike.