Firestorm (Worlds 110th)

hams 349

My take on a more aggressive Smoke list.

A bit light on stealth credits in practice when getting rushed out before being able to build Net Mercur (Gatekeeper can be an early game problem, Afterimage is a bit overkill for Drafter, and Anansi + other high strength code gates on the same server can drain Mercur).

Don't really love Peace in Our Time, cost me a couple of games, allowing the corp to rush me out by about a turn before stealth credits could lock the game in my favour, but haven't found any other economy that can take its place to set up quick enough.

Simulchip can be used to turn Penrose into your fracter in a pinch in theory, but in practice, I was usually pretty stealth credit starved, and faced no high strength barriers on the day.