My Nightmare Sports

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Sports is a blast to play in this Anarch-heavy meta. It ruins Esa and has a very good matchup against good-stuff Hosh. Here are my notes and piloting tips:

The nine ice and three defensive upgrades all go on centrals. When I first built this deck I had Gatekeepers and Rashidas and tried to build a remote to rush out of when fast-advance tools were not in hand, but the clicks and credits are better spent protecting centrals. In addition, Turtle will crush Gatekeeper. So Gatekeeper got cut for higher-strength ice that is always good on centrals. Rashida is not needed as the deck gets plenty of draw and credits without her.

Nightmare Archive is phenomenal in Sports. You want two agendas in your opponent's score area ASAP to get Stock Buy-Back online and three Nightmare Archives plus fourteen agendas makes that happen fast. Taking one core? Ontological is now Vitruvius four and five. Taking two core? Ontological is now the best agenda in the deck. & don't forget that FC3 can deal core damage as well! Generally I like to keep them in hand, but tossing them in Archives or throwing them on the board naked works too.

Not only will Nightmare Archive make Ontological and Stock Buy-Back real threats early-to-mid game, they will make Giordano and Fast Break very dangerous late game.

Fast Break was a last minute include and functions as a late-game super-copy of Red Level Clearance. RLC is great in sports because you can simply play it for early-game value by (1) draw two and get a credit, (2) if you overdraw with Spin or your ID you can get a credit and a click. But RLCs real worth are in these plays: (3) if you have a Biotic but not an agenda or vice-versa, you can draw two and get a click back if you drew your missing piece, (4) it combos with Bass to turn Bass into a fourth Biotic Labor and (5) you can install Mavirus and get a click back to fast-advance through a Clot. Having three RLCs and a Fast Break means you can burn a RLC or two early game for value and not feel guilty.

Screw Hagen. Eli costs one credit less and is excellent stacked with Skunkworks and FC3.

Throw your first Megaprix and Hyperloops on the board naked. If the runner steals, great. If they don't you get points without using a FA tool. Toss an agenda on the board next to a Nightmare Archive & pretend you're PE.

That's all! Sports was a deck that I've liked but never 100% clicked for me. Until I brewed this list. Nightmare Sports makes for fast, addictively exciting games!