Wicked Game - 7th@ Worlds 7-1 - King of Swiss

Bridgeman 2321

Might do a proper stream on my channel going over these decks and the worlds experience, preparation if that is of interest :)

In short it is a pretty vanilla Hoshiko optimized to try to beat a wide variety of decks, in particular with pretty good PD and asset matchups.

Check out my funky corp over here.

Top cut, fifth in a row. My personal goal achieved, relief washes over me.

Top of swiss twice in a row, five wins between me and the world title.

Round 1, Game vs Longis PD goes as planned.

Round 2, My RH vs Sokka on Hosh. Just need the regenesis not to get sniped…

No worries, we can still get these punitives off!

Moshing on two strike funds hit the table, I’m short a couple credits now.

I scramble to score out but a win is found with twinning on R&D.

A handshake and a hug, I inform Will he has to win the thing now.

Worlds is slipping for me, 7 wins to go, let's see how far we can get.

I down a cappuccino fast, scrambling to keep focus.

Round 3, Extrac cannot find his breakers vs the RH, I score out before he can contest. The hope is alive.

Round 4, Slow start from Mildesorte on PD, I cant find bankhar, but I get my breakers and with the stargate lock I should maintain control.

I play too fast, I trash the incorrect card, losing me all my money and clicks. The closing agenda is topdecked, I am out.

After all this time I still can’t get used to making mistakes when the games matter the most, it will always haunt me, I want to play my best game when it matters. 😀

Still if you told me 5 years ago the results I would have in Netrunner I would have laughed in your face :D I’ve worked hard and came a long way, and although I know I could have done better and I have more to give, I’m proud of what I have achieved.

So this is not a bad moment for me to approach the game in a more relaxed way :D(I said this last year I know) This kind of competition is a surreal experience and I’m happy to have been part of it, and I’m happy for the friends I’ve made along the way :)

Thank you everyone who came to talk to me at worlds to show appreciation or just to have a chat, it was great :) Thank you to Unband for your undying support! So proud of what we achieved both in and outside of the game :) And ofc special gratz to William who took down the whole thing again like wtf bruh??!??!

Much love to NSG without whom we could not even have this game and these events, I am so thankful someone is running this stuff, because lord knows I could not.

22 Oct 2023 jan tuno

i liked your conts prep video, would be happy to see another one about worlds!

22 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

Thanks! Stay tuned ;)

Was nice to meet you!

23 Oct 2023 Jai

Heyo, big fan here

Back-to-back King of Swiss is heckin legendary yo

Thanks for autographing my playmat

Great song btw

Will definitely watch a stream if you're doing one!

23 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

Hey Jai :D

Thanks dawg! My pleasure autographing the mat :) It is a great song, even did a cover of a cover of it once xD Thought wicked is fitting for this game as it is both used positively and negatively, the song reference is a bonus xD

I think there will be a stream, but not sure when yet :D

23 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

Oh wait lol that is not the song I thought it was xD