Stargate FC-Twu (4-3 at Worlds)

Frost 506

Top Wu at worlds!

...At 81st.

With Laamb Surfer gone, we now need to work harder at glacier matchups. Additionally, with Excalibur floating around, we need an AI. To that end, the circus package (Brahman, Lady, D4v1d, Cyber-Cypher) is perfect — it gives early-game efficiency, and when you start running low on counters, you can transition in the late-game to recycle them with Brahman.

Generally the times the deck loses are (along with bad piloting by me...)

  1. You have your breakers but don't have all three Rezekis dripping
  2. You have three Rezekis but don't have enough MU for your breakers

The reason why "rushed out" isn't here is because it's actually really difficult to rush out Wu. With 3 PioT, 3 Stimhack, and on-demand SMC, there are basically no scoring windows in the early game — and pretty much every piece of run punishment is blanked by the combination of Film Critic and Misdirection. In order to support the ability to contest at will, you don't really want to spend more than one SMC fetching Rezekis — your Scavenges and Rejigs will do that for you.

Daredevil was a last-minute include (replacing Astrolabe and PolOp/No One Home), and ended up almost never being drawn and almost never being relevant... Astrolabe just doesn't cut it when you are so MU hungry, so I ended up settling on Daredevil, expecting lots of Palana — it fights Data Loop and Kakugo very well. Importantly for other matchups, it draws you through your own self-imposed Brahman lock — in testing, a lot of turns end up being

  1. Use Wu for D4v1d (or other program)
  2. Stargate, use Brahman, put D4v1d back

You can do some drawing in between those two clicks, but it starts to enter the iffy territory of forcing you to run later in the turn than you really want. Daredevil solves that issue.

Enjoy the deck! It's tremendous fun — it makes big plays and intricate lines leading to some real back-and-forth games.