Toast Skagen - 25th at Worlds

leburgan 140

This was a collaboration between myself, Andre Nilson, and the rest of the testing house with me. I believe that this is the best deck right now, and nothing comes close. I told boggs this: ban this deck.

7-2 at Worlds

This deck is primarily a kill deck. The basic combo is:

Gain 2 clicks(Jeeves/Biotic labor)

Shipment from Mirrormorph Brain Rewiring and contract killer

Shipment from Kagua 2x on brain and killer

Adv Brain, score and put their hand on the bottom, they draw one card.

Shoot them dead with Contract Killer.

There are various other combinations that can help you win through hate. If you have 24/7 and you score out with Brain Rewire and Show of Force you can kill through hate with using 24/7 News Cycle to fire Show of Force twice through spoofing/citadel sanctuary or other hate.

But what if they get Jageniew Mercs?

You can score 7 points in one turn. This requires Jeeves on Board but this is the combo.

Get 7 clicks:

SFM : Efficiency Committee, any 4/2, any 5/3.

Adv EffCom 4x and score

Adv either agenda once

Take all 3 effcom clicks

SFKx3 plus audacity allows you to score 7 points in one turn.

This deck is a fast, mean, killing machine. Turn 3 fast. Easily by turn 5 without hate. If they have the hate, with both clearances you will draw faster than your opponent and find the hate cards faster.

Card choices:


3 Brain Rewire:

Needed for kill, hide them!

2x Show of Force

The show of force combo allows you to score both agendas in the same window without passing priority, allowing you to kill through any cards that aren't prevent abilities, like Sports Hopper or a Geist Draw. Also key for 24/7 to fire twice.

2 Efficiency Commitee

Thanks to Jesse Vandover to pointing this combo out Friday Night, and showing that my murder deck can be a score deck with this one easy trick the runners don't want you to know about. For many of the other CI "hybrid" players, they came at this deck from the score to morph into kill, but this was always a kill deck for me. To score 7 points as well is nice.

2 Elective Upgrades

2 bad global foods. Mostly an influence call, but is nice if you see so much hate you can double ice it with SfMM click one and adv twice, hope they can't get in and score out the hard way.

1 Global Food

A 5/3 that doesn't suck if it is stolen


1 Contract Killer

This was a 2 of for a long time. It allows the combo for 5 clicks if you only have 2x SfK/Aud, and can also hit pesky connections like Guru Dav from time to time. Also allows you to beat any leela, as you can rez before the score to stop her from bouncing this mid combo.

2 Jeeves

You haven't lived till you've Ultraviolet Clearance into Violet Level Clearance before. Also is an easy way to gain a click and costly to trash. Just throw that shit down and win


1x CVS

Maybe should be two. Note you can hide a brain rewiring behind an ice for a turn or even naked on board and still kill through clot. Important to keep the Archived Memories for this card if they are specifically on clot with clone chip.


24/7 news cycle

Meta call, lets you kill for 6 clicks through hate

3 Archived Memories

Get back cards that are mawed/trashed, get back Curfew if you're in a current war, and accelerate hard by getting VLC and rushing through deck

1 Audacity

An influence expensive bad shipment from kaguya. Only upside is against gang sign, but bad otherwise

2 Best Defense

Shoot them all. Saccon, SMC, Off Campus apartments, Same old things, anything in the clanarch matchup. Went to two cutting a vanilla for last minute changes. Important against saccon clot

3 Biotic labor

Need those clicks to murder

3 Enforced Curfew

So you don't lose to Employee Strike. Also nicely reduces the kill cost by one. Don't turn these into scarcity of resources, or you can't shoot Saccon anymore(thanks again Jesse)

3 Hedge Fund

Get money

3x SfK

Combo piece

3x SfMM

Other combo piece, helpful for panic score out.

3x ULC/ 3x VLC

Busted in CI


2x Excal/3xLoki/3 Mogo

The mythic suit. Forces people to get AI, Femme, or some other card to get in. Have only regular breakers? You can't get in. Pretty sweet.

Cards that could come in:

Other ice suits, we liked 3x Vanilla, 3x enigma, 2x ichi 1.0/roto/snek Meta call, cheper to rez, which is nice because the deck is very poor.

Ark lockdown We didn't think we'd see clone chip, which was a wrong call but oh well. Great with the ice suite above to hit the bin breakers or whatever tech card you can hit

IPO/MCAAP suck don't play them

Shout out to the WI testing group and friends aka who gives a shit aka anti-data breach aka anti-illuminati aka anti-comrades @spags, @aandries, @cranked, @paranoid, @webster, @dashakan, @Jake, @mmychal @thearete who helped me test this monster and having a great time doing it

Runner deck:

Boggs ban CI

6 Nov 2017 Ajar

Watching you test it vs @aandries was terrifying. So glad I didn't run into it on the day, even with 2x Mercs in my Val.

6 Nov 2017 leburgan

Yeah this deck is a monster, mull for it or lose.

18 Jan 2018 I_AM_G:\ROOT

you can actually do 7 point combo in one turn without Jeeves pre-installed.

If you SFMM 2x Jeeves at the start it can be done thus: SFMM 2x Jeeves, CVS rez Jeeves 1, 3x biotic + Jeeves trigger (six clicks here) rez Jeeves 2, trash Jeeves 1. SFMM: Effcom, 4/2 & 5/3 Adv EffCom 4x and score (second Jeeves triggers here, gaining the "7th click" and now combo out as usual) Adv either agenda once Take all 3 effcom clicks SFKx3 plus audacity allows you to score 7 points in one turn.