King Arthur's Tourism Agency (Undefeated CO Springs GNK)

jase2224 320

This is the deck I brought to one of our pre-regional/GNK tournaments in Colorado. After winning a regional with NBN, I've been itching to play Jinteki again. AgInfusion is an ID that I've been excited to try out ever since I won my match at Worlds during the FFG gun-slinging event. I saw Matuszczak's regional winning list and tried out the deck on jinteki a few days before the tournament and really enjoyed it so I sleeved up the deck the morning before tournament to see what would happen. The only change I made was cutting Ichi 1.0 for a Holmegaard, It could use more testing, but I liked the extra tax Holmegaard brings to the ICE suite.

I ended up going 3-0 as the corp with wins against Bios, Andy, and Kit. The Kit with Inversificator made for an extremely interesting match, but overall all the games with this deck were close and really fun. My runner went 2-1 for the day, giving me 15 points to take the win in a brief, but very fun 8 person tournament in Colorado Springs, CO.

26 Jun 2017 Ver

So if you literally took Matuszczak's deck and did literally one change which author suggested in the original description, shouldn't you at least link his deck as inspiration with option provided by ndb?

Or maybe even avoid posting the same deck second time? I don't know, it's just confusing.

26 Jun 2017 jase2224

@VerHis decklist is linked in the inspired from section so I am not sure why you're saying I didn't link his deck because. Also, I did remove the Mumbad City Grid per his suggestion and put in another Caprice Nisei which I didn't mention in the description.

In regards to posting/publishing. The deck along with my runner won a GNK so by publishing and linking to the original list, it lets the original author know of success of their build. Secondly, in order to get credit for placing in a tournament on Always Be, you are required to link a decklist (which I also encourage people to do) as it helps with data for analysis/posts on The data provided there is something FFG gets and can help with future MWLs. Third, since I did make changes to the decklist, I didn't want to share the decklist as a private deck as that woulndn't give Matuszczak due credit. It also allows him and others to see how well variations of the deck perform for at the very least posterity sake. Finally, since the results were manually imported, the posting allows me to share with others what ID the deck was successful with.

I hope this clarifies any confusion on why I posed the decklist.

26 Jun 2017 Ver

Ah, sorry, I later found that it is linked in another tab. Goofed, move along.

I was confused because I was searching for his deck and found yours instead. But I guess You convinced me.

26 Jun 2017 jase2224

Sounds good. No worries about not being able to find the derived from section during your first look at the list.

I am glad you asked about posting though, because it is a good question and one I'm going to share with others to encourage more publishing of their lists.