Totally Original PPvP Kate

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...Oh, hey, I wasn't expecting ABR to publish these. Shows how often I report on there.

Anyway, it's PPvP Kate (IT'S NOT ORIGINAL AT ALL, IS IT STEVE?), except with Na'not'k instead of Mimic. And a Employee Strike to spend the extra influence. Which, in retrospect, probably should've used the card slot to grab a Interdiction to stop defensive upgrades. Caprice totally hosed me in one game, stopping multiple Maker's Eye runs.

Ended up going 2-3 at the Regionals. Scored a decent number of Notoriety's. Sort of wish I could have more fake points in the deck.

Got blown up by a CI-Penguins and a Midseason/Scorch combo when I accidentally stole two agendas at once.

11 Aug 2017 Robotron5673

"Totally Original"!