Project Arcology

D4KEN 136

Took this to a 29 Player Community Event a day before SC. I expected not that much but the deck wasn't that bad. We played 6 rounds of swiss.

Round 1 vs Whizzard - Win (time)

Round 2 vs DLR Maxx - Loss (several missplays, Vitruvius Token for LG instead of a later JHOW recover)

Round 3 vs Professor - Win (time)

Round 4 vs Siphon Maxx - Loss

Round 5 vs Whizzard - Win (Flatline)

Round 6 vs Geist - Win (Flatline)

Idea is to rush out early and mid/late to force the Runner into Remote runs. I choose some assets that are beneficial for me even if the Runner doesn't run the remote.