Stay True to Your Colors - Iceless JGS (2-2)

Tempus 5

As soon as I saw this format I thought... Why not try Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded? It was an ID I loved when I started to play. But after getting like a 20% win rate on Jnet, I decided no more and two days from the start of the tournament switched to a Jinteki: Personal Evolution deck, heavily inspired by @diogene.

But it is no joke. On one occasion I scored out, on the other it flatlined the runner. On most games on Jinteki it caused a flatline and it has a real threat of scoring out, which is no shame. Whatever gets you there.

Even when I lose I love this deck because it makes the runner sweat all over. So I have huge amount of fun playing this. It's what made me care about this game in 2013, the "is it a trap or not" archetype, so it was a great way to go back to my roots.

Again, huge shot out to the T.Os for coming up with such a cool "format". And great streams all over. Thanks to everyone I played against, great times!