Cap'n my Cap'n - 2nd Brighton CO

ChrisFerg 475

This is the Padma deck I brought to the Brighton CO. It did well all day, only dropping one game (in the final, against DocFooby's Outfit), which I think it definitely could have won without several serious misplays on my part. It beat PE, AgInfusion, 2 Azmaris, and a Prav.

The list originally came from @RotomAppliance, and we made a couple of small changes to it. The combination of Aumakua and Endurance is really powerful, and the core of the deck is solid enough that you can fit in some choice tech cards. We went with citadel, to make Drago and M.A.D. combo decks easier to deal with while also sort of helping against IP blocks (although hunting grounds would be a great addition if you can find the inf); Misdirection, for HHN decks; and pinhole threading, which makes life so much easier against Drago or MCA M.A.D. decks, but is also generally great in other matchups (killing rashidas early game; saving a run into an expensive remote for an NGO, that kind of thing). For more swooning over pinhole threading, we talked about it at length in the most recent episode of The Process (

While this deck is really strong--and while I'd be happy to play it again if there was another CO tomorrow--there are definitely archetypes that it can struggle a bit against. AgInfusion, and very glacier-y NBN or Weyland decks can quite effectively curtail the power of your turtle/Endurance rig. While this version has the regular breakers to try to deal with this kind of situation, the list is probably not quite rich enough to consistently rely on these in that kind of matchup without a very good start. It will be really interesting to see how the meta develops in response to the strength of Padma, and whether it will get to a point where it makes sense to look at other runners instead. Crim is obviously also in a really good place, and anarch has a good answer in Hippo to the kind of decks that target Padma, while Apoc in any of the three factions looks strong and viable.

Thanks so much to all of my opponents, I had such a lovely day playing IRL again and getting to see some familiar faces and some new ones. Also massive thanks to @BinaryDogs for organising, running, streaming and playing, and huge congrats to @DocFooby on the win.