MaxX 18-02-17 (4th @ Berlin Double Play)

Watzlav 1019

This is an evolution of Shmeguy's winning list from Brighton SC. I suspect he just took a Valencia list and cut 6 cards for a LARLA. I cut Rebirth, since I have the best ID already, Turning Wheel, because I can't recur it and replaced it with a Legwork. The only Valencia cards I left are the Mining Accidents. The more I play the deck the more I like them.

At the event I faced Jakuza on NEH, Mrlabbes with his Brain Rewiring combo and ff0X and longi who both played Reversed Stinson CI. I dropped games against Klopstock's Brainstorm CI and krasty's Skorpios.

I would like to thank dome_ for organizing and running this event, and everyone else who was part of it. It was the best Netrunner experience I've ever had.

19 Feb 2018 Longi

Nice deck and well done Waclav!