Joseki 2560

3 Jan 2018 CWoodward

Tried this deck out the other night. I was surprised how much money I was able to make without the Tapwrm package. Likewise, I found it weird to not see a restricted card here. But this deck seemed to use the Cyberdelia better than I originally did. I did have some questions for a 41st card.

Thoughts on a Feedback Filter for the PU matchup? I rarely didn't have the money or resources to get money to not afford it.

Film Critic could also work to hate on Obokata, HHN, and the occasional Hunter Seeker. I doubt a single would be enough for critic though.

My last thought was what I tried yesterday. A third Mercur helps to see her faster but also felt like a dead draw if hard drawing is the reality.

7 Jan 2018 Joseki

Yeah its fun :) I enjoy playing it as well. 3rd Net Mercur might be great!