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Evilbrennan 4

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Ready to play a Jinteki deck that regualry hits 30 credits mid-game? Wanna slot all that big, disgusting ICE that's usually too expensive? Prepared to use your spin doctors to cycle back all your snares? Do you want to win all your corp games?

Well, pick three of those and one of them can't be the last one.

This started as an Epiphany deck and didn't work. Eventually I spotted Hyoubu that had fallen behind the stove and thought, "By god, half this ID would print money!" It's strange that half this ID is great and the other half doesn't actually exist, but here we are.

What makes this deck sing: Revealing a card to gain upwards of 10 credits a turn is pretty great. Putting huge ICE up on your centrals and rezzing Front Company is great fun as well. Use the Spinnies to cycle back in your Snares and and all the assets that get trashed. You can use Federal Fundraising to push those agendas down and hopefully avoid flooding up until you're ready to go.

What makes this deck sag: alt text

having all your assets trashed. That pretty much just ruins this deck 100%. Runners can also jack out after bumping into the first ICE on a central just to come after Front company because it doesn't have to be a successful run.

How do you lose? Watch someone play Miss Bones.

How to you win? Great question! Lemme know when you find out. No, more seriously, I've decked more people with this deck than any other and I don't really know why. The best way to get out a win is to struggle to three points and then hit a Fuji with a Regenesis. It's not a combo that works twice in one game unless you're really well set up. Try not to rez things one at a time. It's best if you rez a bunch at once (those Snares stay in hand or in RnD unless they're a big remote runner) and then put up a Front company before they can wreck it.

Anyway, this deck is fun to play, makes crazy money, and might net you a win if you're remotely better at this game than I am (and you are, I'm trash and I believe in you). Besides, the joy of having someone reach over the table to read a card is amplified ten-fold when it's your ID.

Also, getting this to the Deck of the week means that Andrej has to play Hyoubu again (sorry not sorry) and that makes good content.

17 Jan 2024 x3r0h0ur

Getting an actual win condition, while also fixing agenda floods, almost certainly lies in Moon Pool. Either flatline via urtica/ronin, or fast advancing with a good agenda spread, or sneaking out regenesis.

17 Jan 2024 Evilbrennan

That's an interesting thought! I'll have to slot that in and give er a go