Spoony Menagerie

cableCarnage 2411


After the release of Uprising I tried to see if the essence of stabby foxx could be recreated with Hoshiko + Companions + Engolo. The result is not entirely successful, losing one game out of four at König von Deutschland and only winning one out of six at German Nats.

Game Plan

Trash as much ICE as you can, leaning on Hoshiko + Companion econ. Ideally you do this with R&D so you Stargate or with the scoring remote.

Card Thoughts

  • Engolo is still a great breaker.
  • Chisel is ok if you already have quite a bit of ICE destruction.
  • Dreamnet is fun.
  • Gachapon is too unreliable.
  • Paladin is amazing, Keiko is a great console, not sure about the other companions.
  • Corps are too fast for Harmony AR Therapy.


  • All the folks who helped organise and run German Nats.
  • All the folks who played at German Nats.