It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Jonas and he's stolen your $

Sokka 5247

This turns out to be a very fun deck to play!

Some early losses knocked me out of cut contention in this one but there were some very fun games today and the losses were in games where I was putting up a real fight; an access going my way in either of them could have put me in the cut.

Amelia Earhart is a frightening card and this deck actually has a very reasonable balance between strong central pressure and strong remote pressure. Spend the first few turns setting up your cards before popping a Gachapon so that there are cards you want to remove from game. Gachapon is a way of searching for the cards we want but it's a tricky card to use here because there aren't too many targets.

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I chat about this runner deck at 24:20

On the corp side, I played Near-HB Hub

Aesop's Table Link

22 Apr 2024 PiCat314


great bird deck

22 Apr 2024 CelestialSpark

All my initial impressions of the bird, aside from the fact that her art is beautiful and she must have been a really special bird, have been that you have to play her in Padme or with Flux Capacitor. I do think Flux is interesting and am looking into ways to make that work. Trying this out, I'm a bit frustrated by early asset pressure, so I'm trying -1 Gacha -1 Casts +1 Bahia +1 Pinhole.

22 Apr 2024 Sokka

@CelestialSpark Yeah early asset pressure is hard to deal with. Maybe Overclocks instead of Casts is worth looking into because Overclock will help get into servers and trash stuff while cutting Casts makes the deck less susceptible to Working Prototype

22 Apr 2024 ryanrobbie23

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23 Apr 2024 thebigunit3000

30 Apr 2024 JudyChupp

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12 May 2024 manveruppd

shakes fist JONAAAAAAS!!!