Sunny Turtle Nordics 2018 (2nd seed swiss, 2-2)

ulrik03 92

My Sunny deck from Nordics 2018. My corp carried me to 2nd seed, this deck did just OK. Did not play runner in the cut.

The idea is to pressure the corp early with White Hat, Aumakua and Embezzle, while you build up. Also to Levy back all your cool events once you have your rig, Nexus and 4 link out, but that doesn't work. White Hat, Office Supplies and Turtle all work pretty well, the secret trick is Security Chip: backup if they purge out Aumakua, and can also save you giant mounds of cash when you dive a remote with your full rig.

I'm remaking this without Embezzle, and also swapping Career Fair/Hotel/Liberated for events (Diesel + econ). And no Levy.