Exchange of Failure

Wyrm 1087

[insert shitty writeup and a couple of dank memes / image macros]

This deck is shit. EoI into cerebral cast, to swap profiteering a GFI back feelbadman.

Dumblefork fun ruiner time, baby.

Don't drink and run kids.

8 Jun 2016 helloledbetter

Thanks for posting this, @Wyrm! FYI I'm the scrub that asked you to post it (we were discussing how/why I got beat up by EoI all day as well) at NYC so I do appreciate it.

14 Jun 2016 RubbishyUsername

Hey, no one's going to talk about this so I'm going to talk about it. How many points did you get to? How worthwhile was Salem's? Why No Medical Research Fundraiser with all that BP? Would let you free up the sweeps inf for targeted marketing and a wraparound, which helps with siphon. Did you run into Artist Colony with that Shi-Kyu? What about the lack of Project Junebug, which can kill more easily with that brain? Could you consider 1x Dedicated Neural Net over 1x HoK as a swap target? How about Chetana over 1x Komainu - less likely to parasite, and first sub only matters to you.