[5th @ Iberian 3] Watermelon Meta

enkoder 686

This is what I took to Iberian #3 tourney. It went 4-0 on the day and won most pretty handedly. You can jam incredibly hard and once you stick a Bi Vault you can typically rush out with ease as you can slam 5/3 super easy when La Costa is in the remote. Reversed is in there for more jamming and if they don't run it, you can let it stew collecting more counters from La Costa until you decide you want to score your next agenda. I sapped 24 credits from Longi in one game!

Turns out Saraswati was undervalued at a cost of 0. Too bad my Hayley couldn't keep up going 2-2 in this watermelon meta of Jinteki and Shaper.

18 Apr 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Congrats on a great deck! Was really interesting to see so many different takes on Saraswati throughout the day!