Enforcer is the Referee, Jeeves is the Cheerleader

Espatier 55


This is a mashup of all the Sportsmetal decks I like which are floating around at the moment. Particular credit should go to Scorpi12's Local Sports Team deck from the Montreal regional.


I mean... wouldn't the cars always win?

Megaprix is a GOOD CARD. I had two games on 5-5 where I could jam the Megaprix without worrying about handing over the game. Now, I lost both of those games in the end, but that says more about my overly-cavalier attitude to agendas when playing Sportsmetal than it does about Megaprix.


I threw in Enforcer on a whim when I didn't have the influence for a second Archer. Archer did a TON of work. Enforcer never saw the light of day. That being said, there were plenty of moments when Enforcer would have been an excellent rez but it hadn't made its way onto the board. With Prepaid Axolotl popping up everywhere now, I don't plan to cut it.

The Rest

Start jamming and don't stop. Begin by rushing behind Gatekeeper/Hagen, with Rashida and Arella Salvatore to keep up the tempo. Transition to glacier with Giordano Memorial Field and Ash. Close with a fast advance from Biotic Labour, or with a surprise extra point from "Clones Are Not People" played with your extra Jeeves click.

Architect on centrals gives you some legs against Apocalypse decks. Macrophage is in there to counter York's turtle infestation, but it's a slot you can tailor to your meta. Rez Enforcer where I failed. This deck is fun, fast and versatile.