BigG MaxX Ananas variant (2021-11-21)

JarekBaltar 28

This is my Worlds deck with some tweaks. I was planning to bring Maw to the Worlds, as I love this console, and BigG MaxX was a godsend!

Original deck based on [SBL 21.10 playtest] BigG MaxX

After playing against anarchomushroom's MaxX and watching thebigunit3000 on stream, I've decided to tweak my MaxX.

  • +3 Paladin Poemu - good for the early economy
  • +2 Political Operative - great against silly upgrades and recoco
  • +3 Mining Accident - yummy bad pub
  • +2 Salsette Slums - combos with Maw
  • +3 Aeneas Informant - makes multi-upgrade servers a joke. Also helps battle asset spam
  • −3 Gachapon - it just whiffs too often
  • −1 The Turning Wheel - one is enough
  • Deuces Wild - keep it at two (had 3 copies for Worlds)
  • −2 Falsified Credentials
  • −1 Knifed - although I might bring it back for Kakugo
  • −3 Data Folding - great econ, but blank if Maw is milled
  • no Trickster Taka (had 2 copies at Worlds) - iffy, mostly useful later in the game
  • no Hunting Grounds (had 2 copies at Worlds)

Likely changes in the next iteration: +1 Knifed (bring it back), +1 Mystic Maemi, +1 Trickster Taka

24 Nov 2021 Sanjay

Appreciated your write-up. I'm curious about what you played at Worlds... was it the original SBL deck, or were there previous tweaks?

28 Nov 2021 JarekBaltar

My Worlds deck had some of the changes in the right direction and some failed experiments (Hunting Grounds). Here are the differences from this one to my Worlds deck: -3 Aeneas Informant -3 Mining Accident -2 Political Operative -2 Salsette Slums +3 Data Folding +1 Deuces Wild +1 Falsified Credentials +3 Gachapon +1 Hunting Grounds +1 Knifed +1 The Turning Wheel +2 Trickster Taka