Copenhagen Regionals 1st place - RP ELP

JakeHelms 488

Pretty standard Replicating Perfection. You can read my report from the Regionals event here:

Agenda suite is untouchable.

No, you don't need 3 Jacksons.

The Ice suite is amazing. Happy with everything except Tsurugi and Enigma might get cut at some point. For now it's all good.

Considering cutting ELP (Less effective in the current meta, not good against Kate, etc.) and using the influence on 1-2 extra Tollbooths (which are back-breaking against a lot of decks).

Otherwise very happy with the deck. No losses all day, though a game or two were close.

4 May 2015 Andannius

One thing I've been doing in my RP deck is replacing a single NAPD with a Chronos Project, and it's worked wonders against Kate/Maxx/any other deck that relies on access to the heap. Most of the time runners don't expect you to be able to do anything with an agenda that isn't at least one-advanced, so they don't run it if you just install it - they'll assume it's Caprice or Ash. Otherwise love the deck! RP at its finest.

4 May 2015 JakeHelms

I thought about the Chronos, but I simply stil believe that NAPD is better. Then again, I like scoring NAPD's. I see Chronos as a less of an agenda and more of a tool. I tried it a few times, but with the recent surge in Kate in the local meta - and some MaxX at this tournament - it might be worth it.

5 May 2015 Bitrix

I agree with your assessment of ELP. It feels lackluster against a lot of decks right now. The only reason I feel like you have to find a way to fit it in is because of Hacktivist Meeting. If it wasn't for that, a copy of Turing would go a long way.

6 May 2015 coyotemoon722

What's your defense against Eater/Siphon and Eater/Keyhole spam?

6 May 2015 JakeHelms

@Bitrix: Hacktivist Meeting is not THAT harsh to face, unless it hits your agendas. ELP is not worth it only to counter that. If you really wish, Cerebral Static or Lag Time is a better card. I personally would not include Cerebral Static, and Lag Time doesn't seem like a very good fit.

However, ELP is still crushing on plenty of Criminal runners, so I'm not too unsatisfied with the inclusion yet. Turing is a fine anti-AI-card, but I would probably still rather use the 4 influence on 2x Tollbooth, though 1x Turing and 1x Jackson Howard/Daily Business Show/Blacklist/Wraparound/Pop-Up Window/Corporate Troubleshooter or something else does not seem like a bad idea.

@coyotemoon722: These decks usually rely on some kind of recursion or early game. I have found that against these decks, forcing the long game is usually worth it. Protect your Assets with stuff like Quandary. Getting Sundews to stick helps tremendously. Account Siphon is not that bad when it costs 4 or more to get into HQ and you gain 5 credits per turn.

Crick on Archives help tremendously against these decks, as does the singleton Swordsman. I have not found that it is a match-up that needs a lot of specific defense apart from what is included in the deck: Caprice, a nice asset suite, Ice that's harsh to fight for Criminals and Anarchs, etc.

23 May 2015 Glitch29

@Bitrix Having played with Turing a bit, I'm not even sure it's great in HB. Spending 3 influence on one seems horrible.

7 Jul 2015 MmmBraaains

How do you feel about Batty?

7 Jul 2015 JakeHelms

@MmmBraaains This deck is kinda dead by now, since PPVP Kate is prevalent. I feel that PPVP Kate can largely ignore your ELPs with plenty of R&D pressure and a lot of run events. Playing Tollbooths or Ichis instead is probably a better idea.

As for Batty, I don't think that he matters much in-faction. He does not do much in this deck, other than as a back-up Caprice, letting you have 2 ETR Psi Games. Unless you have a nice ability (trash 1 program, brain damage, etc.), he is not really worth it. Having him in HB with Next Ice is a neat trick, however, as it allows for a potential kill with Next Gold, or just a rig-wipe.

I largely think of him as being overrated, as the premier thing you can do with him in this deck is to force Susannoo into Crick, which is basically ETR + a bit of tax.