Diesel Gives You Wings - 18th at 70px Ntscape Navigator SC

Baa Ram Wu 866

Here’s My version of the Bristol Sunny Deck that took me to 18th at the 70px Netscape Navigator SC last weekend.

See Ian’s write up on Mummy Long Legs Here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/65655/mummy-long-legs-6th-18th-ntscapenavigator-sc

During our testing sessions I often found I was throwing out Data Foldings being ‘the worst card in my hand’ as unless installing with a career fair or Gachapon the tempo hit was slowing me down to much in the early game.

Once they were out the Gachaphon targets had dropped to a point I wasn’t happy with and I also wanted a quicker way to find my White Hat’s and Boomerangs so I switched Gacha’s for Diesels.

Actually, very happy with this build – it went 2W – 3L although 1 loss due to a very poor piloting error from me in Round three makes me think the deck was defo worthy of at least a 3-2 in swiss.

Round 1 Loss Vs Jackmade on NWE Built to Last

We have some great tech against the Bristol built to last decks in the form of White Hat – turns out white hat is a pretty dead card when the Corp has 9 Atlas Tokens.

Round 2 Loss Vs Motion Blur on Palana –

A hard matchup in general for sunny (Anansi’s, etrs, ag ability etc), although one that wasn’t going too badly until I massively overexerted myself to get into a 4 Iced server only to find a void at the end allowing them to score a second sandbox. It was pretty much over at that point.

Round 3 Stupid Loss to Ghost00 on BoN (RPC Government Takeover deck).

Early knowledge of HQ let me know about the 2 Punitives in hand (not too worried, I was doing well for money) Found GlobalSec SC early and a few turns later made this awful turn.

*Click 1 – Globalsec – See the Government takeover on the top of R&D

*Click 2 - Run into R&D, Nexus-ing past an Akhet, losing 1 of the 2 white hats from hand to BoN, Steal the GT (for some insane reason I don’t use the 7 or 8 TTW for a big dig to win on that run – 1st stupid mistake)

*Click 3 – Click for a credit (I do not need this credit. WHY AM I CLICKING FOR A CREDIT?)

*Click 4 – White hat. See THREE punitives in hand and a hostile – Corp on 18c, I’m on 16c +3 link ☹

^^ Just the worst turn – so many opportunities for me to win, I turn I will not forget anytime soon

Round 4 Win vs Vesper on Bristol BtL

Always a pleasure to get to play against Vesper! – Good early money for me, an early nexus and eventually a White hat/TTW combo turn to sweep the GT from hand

Round 5 241 win vs Mr Buggles on NWE BtL

A 22 turn, 60 minute behemoth of a game (really lucky it was a 241), Mr buggles jammed an early atlas which I falsified but couldn’t get to that turn. Did mean he had to score out with no counters which made the rest of the game a constant to and fro of Globalsec, White hat and Spin Dr. For 2 turns the GT was sat in hand (I knew from seeing it off global sec, but unable to HQ for more than a single, and no threat of RPC at the time) Eventually it went back into R&D due to a Spin DR play and I just had to wait for it to come around again (about 6 ice on R&D by this point)

A real nail biter of a game and a very satisfying final victory – for sure the best game I played all day.

Big thanks to Rob (Mendax) for creating a ‘joke’ sunny deck that started the whole thing off and Ian (Algebraic) for the hours and hours of testing – and the last minute inclusion of Globalsec for Spombo/BtL matchups.

16 May 2021 Ghost00

Hi Round 3 opponent 😍