Team Turtles (1st Place, Sydney SC, 11/2/2017)

RJorb 194

Inspired by Imrahil's SC winning deck.

This was the first Quorum-legal SC in Sydney, and in the weeks leading up to it our local meta was madly experimenting with a wide range of Corp decks. I tested out IG49 and Railgun (both of which seem strong), as well as Stinson BABW (which turned out to be hot garbage against Criminals).

Then, a day or two before the tournament, I threw all that prep work into the bin and decided to go with this wonderfully degenerate asset spam deck instead. And, as it turns out, when only one other player shows up with Whizzard, asset spam is pretty amazing.

My build was very similar to Imrahil's one linked above. Changes were -2 Daily Business Show, -1 CVS, -2 Pop-Up Window, +1 NASX, +1 IP Block, +1 Enigma, +2 Tollbooth. The Pop-Up Windows in particular were having very little impact in my test games, so I was happy to swap them out for more ETR. And the two Tollbooths were great, allowing the deck to shift to never-advance where necessary.

Won 5/6 games across the day. Swiss: Beat Kate, Beat Whizzard, Beat Geist, Beat Apex. Top 4 Cut: Beat Val, lost to Andy.

19 Feb 2017 imrahil

Awesome. Glad you liked the list and it served you well :)

22 Feb 2017 RJorb

@imrahil: It's seeing a lot of play in my local meta now. Thanks for the great deck concept! :)