Qimpossible's Date with D4v1d

50ft 25

A revised take on @TheRyanBurke's deck Qimpossible in the age of turing.

MemStrips compliment Overmind and D4v1d gets you through the nasty big stuff and turing on a remote. If you use them up, install over them and bring them back with Déjà Vu on Clone Chip them during your run. With e3 Feedback Implants, your power counters go a long way.

What about Swordsman? You are prob going to lose a D4v1D or Overmind but don't sweat it. Parasite that sucker and / or that Turing (on a central) and bring them back.

You get lots of love from D4v1d on the big stuff and, if you have to, you can pay to get Overmind through most of it.

Can swap out the Imps for Clot as needed as well.

15 May 2015 BinarySecond

Swordsman will only trash AI programs, or did you mean losing it from hand to Net damage?

9 Jun 2015 rojazu

I have been experimenting with this list. It works better than the Deep Red + Knight version in my opinion.

-1 MemStrips + 1 Grimoire makes sense to improve the viruses at the potential cost of -1 MU. -1 David + 1 Vamp improves the RP matchup immeasurably.

Other than that, Im tinkering with the influence spread with the inclusion of an extra clone chip & 3 career fair, dropping one each of the blue cards.