The Impossible Choice

Imperialcreed 84

All credit for user I Am Jessica for 99% of this list, their let'SS gO! deck is a beast. I tweaked it for my own preferences and brought it to Worlds2019 and it was the right decision. The deck did well for me on the main day (my Runner deck was, unfortunately, garbage) and if piloted perfectly I think is very difficult to beat.

The goal is to offer the Runner the Impossible Choice as soon as you can - would they like to run the advanced City Works in the remote, eat the meat damage and then be Punitive'd into dust? Or would they like to not do that and let you score out for the win?

I did this a couple of times during Worlds and it was a blast. This deck needs to be played fast and you need to just steam ahead with the point scores and advanced ICE as the Runner tries to get setup.

DRM is an excellent card. You want to have a face-up agenda installed asap to pile on those advancement counters and DRM will get it for you if you haven't drawn into it.

Snare is a bit of surprise spice and I'm always happy to see it - if the Runner encounters it they're going to assume there's two more in the deck if they haven't seen the amount of inf spent on the Biotic Labors. That can make them more cautious and leave you openings to go for a score or play the second and third MassComm for megabucks to guarantee the Punitive.

The icing on the cake is the Biotic/RPC combo to close out the game with a 5/3 from hand which I also accomplished over the weekend.

Overall I think the deck is really strong and it is definitely really fun to play.