Valar Dohaeris - Vienna 2015 Regional - 2nd seed/1st place

StevenSlater 133

Supplier / drip economy Andromeda, with long game breakers and a surprise Clot.

Paired it with a fast corp.

23 May 2015 juliandark

No Career Fair? With so many resources I'd say it would be better than Dirty Laundry. And you basically throw the whole start of the game away and hope you can catch them later? Because no Faeries, no Inside Jobs.

23 May 2015 StevenSlater

@juliandark Career Fair could replace Dirty Laundry; didn't have time to test that. Faeries and Inside Jobs have been cut intentionally. many people will expect these in Criminal anyway, and double ICE important stuff. i'm in this for the long con.

24 May 2015 unitled

This feels relatively similar to mine (over here,) but slightly more aggressive. I found Career Fair great on the day but I'm starting to feel Logos is of limited usefulness; Desperado might give me some more pressure early game, and the 'surprise' clot lets you slow down those fast advance decks that can otherwise be a tougher match up.

I would really miss Faerie and Inside Job, though :(