Toe Tags - Top 8 Calgary Regionals

Maerik 241

Not the Jinteki deck they were expecting when they sat down.

Pretty straightforward from the pilot's side--drop Housekeeping as early and often as possible. Get their breakers out of the way with Wisp and cheap ETR ice.

It's all sorts of fun. Mostly because your opponent is probably expecting thousand cuts or shell game. Not this weird, single-remote PE. A weird deck whose R&D rarely coughs up agendas (three Future Perfect reduces the density nicely).

Particularly if you're holding a snare and an agenda or two in hand.

2 Jun 2015 SlySquid

This looks Tits!way to think out of the box...

2 Jun 2015 tuism

Guy, this is gold. I LOVE Will-o'-the-Wisp, and put it in all my decks. The combination of that, Housekeeping, and Jinteki: Personal Evolution damage fits so well. It's hilarious to see the runner try to install everything in one turn to go to no handsize, so you drop some stuff and dare them to run, with one or two House of Knives scored or any of the Jinteki damage stuff. Well done, this is awesome, I'm gonna try fit another Will-o'-the-Wisp in :)

7 Jun 2015 siahofmars

this would be awesome with genetics pavilion in it :)

8 Jun 2015 Maerik

Thanks for the comments all!

It's a really cool way to play PE.

23 Jun 2015 MrBrown

Did you ever have problems with economy? 9 events seems really low, especially with costly stuff like Will-o'-the-Wisp.

23 Jun 2015 Maerik

That's a really good point. The deck runs the best when it's at about 15 credits. Celebrity Gift is the best way to get up there.

At 15 you can Rez an ice, pay for Wisp, and then fire off a Snare.

If you get down to low credits (from Siphon or Vamp, let's say), it gets damnably hard to play. But just click up to three credits and Gift or Fundraiser.

My worst game was against a Headlock Reina. But even that was close because he accessed the game-winning Fetal AI with only two cards in hand (and only three cards left in his stack).