Anonymous Jinja (SOCR8 - 16th)

chaosof99 74

When SOCR8 rolled around I knew I wanted to play Azmari as it seemed like the best Corp ID available and also lend itself to my preferred style of play for Corp, straight Glacier. One card I definitely wanted to play was Jinja City Grid as it is very strong in building big remotes. This also pushed me to wanting to play Surveyor as my restricted card as an excellent remote ice. Rashida was also an option, but I thought I could replace part of her effect with Anonymous Tip and Attitude Adjustment.

Melange I added also here because the deck is rather money hungry, and you can often take your time, gaining 7 credits while Jinja-installing ice off your mandatory draw.

I am not a very good Corp deckbuildern and this deck definitely has its shortcummings, but I didn't really know how to improve it a whole lot. Perhaps the better avenue would have been to cut Surveyor and go for a kill route with Punitive.

My SOCR8 Runner Deck