Supersonic (11th, 1-2 at Startup Early Bird)

chaosof99 74

I built this deck for Startup a while ago and took it to the tournament. In testing it did quite well going 9-3.

This deck tries to break everything with Boomerang as much as possible to guarantee early accesses and make most of your economy events. It tries also to draw a lot but perhaps I should have switched out a Class Act for another Earthrise or a Verbal Plasticity, though I do like the burst of cards that throw the corp off what is going to happen next. The Swift is also a concession to that regard as extra clicks are always nice.

The breakers themselves are basically backups and can be found with either SMC or Mutual Favor if need be. SMC + Overlcock is also nice. The Clot is just there to be fancy and stop some fast advance on occasion.

Tournament games were not that great unfortunately. It only managed a 1-2 with some rather awkward games. My Corp deck went 3-0, but with a terrible SoS I managed to only get to 11th.

My first runner game was a terrible matchup with my opponent on a punitive Built to Last list that ran SDS drone deployment. I saw one on R&D but only had my corroder out and no Simulchip so I couldn't steal it, but at least I drew into my SMC as fodder. Opponent installed and double advanced in the remote which I spent an Inside Job on only to find a Clearinghouse that I needed to trash. Opponent repeats the process, and I do the same with the 2nd Inside Job. This time it is the SDS that I steal. Three cards in hand meant I survived the punitive I saw in HQ earlier, but opponent had a 2nd copy of it. Alas.

The 2nd game against a Jinteki Glacier. I was ind kind of in a bind as I drew two normal breakers and the Mutual Favor early which I don't really like because it is a drain on the money to install them, so I was a bit slow out of the gate. Didn't help Opponent drew all three La Costa Grid and I was only able to trash two of them. This resulted in them chaining 4-2s, particularly Nisei Mk. IIs and I whiffed big time on both The Maker's Eye and only stole one agenda on a random access on HQ. In the end I also got quite flustered and played terribly which didn't help either.

At least the third game I won while going Tag me against Reality Plus, where I tried to make as many accesses as I could as fast as I could. The Funhouse on R&D did rack up the tags though, but the game ended as I had 7 tags by the time my 2nd Maker's Eye got me the win.

Thanks to Ysengrin for organizing. Despite the lackluster performance of this deck, I had a lot of fun and met many nice people.