Loup Soup for Two

nbkelly 952

This was my loup deck I played for my circuit opener. I wanted a deck that could lock out games vs. any middling deck, but also not lose to dragoboom. This should also beat Ob in 95% of your games.

I basically replaced consistency with consistently not losing to a really specific deck, which has been great for casual play, but not that great for tournaments.

The downside is that you end up weak to some rush decks. I feel like I have a 70+% chance vs sports, but the other rush decks (pravdivost, outfit) feel like 40-50%.

6 Aug 2022 Davidmc7

I love a good InfinImp list. Well done.

9 Aug 2022 SneakdoorMelb

Nice list! Could you explain why it beats Ob and Sports so hard?