d1en's Lockdown Val (Rochester Regionals Winner 5-30-15)

d1en 3328

Took this to Regionals in Rochester, won and made a runback in Toronto(4th overall). This deck is just a monster. It has a great matchup against Glacier as it can kill MHC's and Ash AND make a buck. I have never been more happy with a deck than this one. I can't take complete credit on it, I took the list from Omaha, and tinkered what I thought would make it more consistent.

8 Jun 2015 xjohncandyx

As someone who hasn't played Anarch since Noise-Cache, what kind of opening hand do you want here? Guessing Desperado/economy or pieces of the draw engine?

9 Jun 2015 Dydra

Anything with Wyldside you keep. You will draw-up the rest.

9 Jun 2015 d1en

@xjohncandyx Having Wyldside in hand is good, although I don't mind having other cards in the hand. Having a Blackmail in hand against a glacier deck is good. If I'm against Blue Sun, having D4v1d or Kati in hand is also good. NEH, I prefer to see also Kati or Medium to race them. It's matchup dependent, but having parts of your card draw combo is key.

9 Jun 2015 Shulmey

How do you feel about Net Ready Eyes?

10 Jun 2015 Beta-Max

Why Desperado instead of Grimoire?

10 Jun 2015 d1en

@Shulmey Not needed. Clone Chip with Bad Pub during the run is such value and killing key ICE makes your run so cheap later on with Bad Pub + Desperado.

@Beta-Max Desperado makes runs where you have to spend 2 bucks to break through net neutral and building sucker tokens at the same time too. Grimoire is a nice speed boost for Parasite, but you build so much value already running to gain 1 cred + suckers that it leans better towards it. Pack on Scrubber, and you got a aggro as hell deck.

11 Jun 2015 say200426

what does knight doing for? I would get rid of 2 Knights and 1 more yog finding some good Econ cards to fill the slot.

11 Jun 2015 say200426

BTW, this deck has very serious mu problem IMHO, your full rig is something like

Yog mimic corroder datasucker(s) atman at 4

And you need some temporary slots for flying the parasites and Davids

One or two memstrips could be handful #slotthememstrip

11 Jun 2015 Cryoclasm

I am also interested in absence of Carapace. No ButcherShop in your meta? Or do you think 3 IHW is enough?

19 Jun 2015 Four_Leaf

3 IHW is NOT enough against butcher shop that's recycling with Jackson. On top of that, he has no way to get rid of the wyldside combo so he draws his deck up quick. He obviously didn't tech against it on purpose because he expected not to see it. Need at least 1 plascrete in addition to IHW to beat butcher consistently unless you make a huge medium run