Fear the MaxX

Möbius Striptease 191

It doesn't get much more MAXIMUM PUNK ROCK!!! than this puppy. Shred through your deck with MaxX's sick ability while contesting early remotes with Boomerangs and/or Eater/Hippo combos. Smack RnD around with a Stargate if you get the chance, and if the corp deigns to leave HQ open and you have the tools, punch them with a few copies of Fear the Masses.

What you're really doing, though, is buying time for your hot nonsense jank endgame. What you want is to completely deck yourself but have a Buffer Drive installed and a Boomerang available. After that, it's just a matter of using Labor Rights to stuff your grip full of Fear the Masses and piledriving HQ.

Buffer Drive and Boomerang have a neat interaction with MaxX and a 0-card stack, because Boomerang goes back into your deck, MaxX trashes it at the start of the turn, Buffer Drive puts it back on top, then MaxX draws it.

Is this deck particularly competitive? No. No, it is not. Is it vastly better than it looks? Why, yes it is! Can it achieve a mill kill? Sometimes! Is it delicious when that happens? You bet your ass it is!

This deck went about 50/50 in the Black Lives Matter tournament, which I felt very good about, and helped me coast into a cool 69th place.